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The Juice is the best alternative to content syndication, for B2B marketers targeting sales professionals or other marketers.

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Customers see a 480% ROI using content they already produce.

With no additional lift from your team, The Juice distributes your content to an engaged marketing and sales audience, reaching ideal audiences easier, and reports back on sourced revenue.

Create focus for your content with smarter distribution.

It’s all about getting your content in front of the right audience. We’ll share your content with the right people at the right time. Reach more of the right type of people without any additional lift; we do all of the searching and sending for you.

Enjoy faster growth.

Increase brand awareness, quality website traffic and the size of your audience. The quantity of your website traffic isn’t enough, you need visitors of high quality. The Juice helps brands by sharing your content with your ideal customers that are likely to visit your website.

Dig into actionable data that will lead to breakthroughs.

Access unique data that allows you to strengthen the quality and impact of your entire content program. Intent Signals from The Juice allow brands to experience more efficient demand generation and alignment with your sales team. We help brands identify new opportunities for connecting with the right audience, supporting both growth and revenues teams.

“We're able to measure referral traffic (from The Juice) and tie that number back to demo requests which is more than we could ever ask for. As a marketer, my primary goal is to create valuable content and put that content in front of the right people. The Juice happens to give us more information on who those people are than any other platform we use to share our content and that's been incredibly helpful in forming our content strategy.”

Molly Clarke

VP of Marketing - Digital, Spiff

“We love The Juice’s Intent Signals. They tell us if our content is resonating with our ICP and we even test or create unique content based on what’s resonating with this community specifically. Enriching our Salesforce with these signals means we can create unique experiences through our nurtures and sales process.”

Elizabeth Irvine

VP Marketing, MarketMuse

“We’re gathering data from top-performing content across the platform, which has been super helpful. It helps us look at it for content strategy inspiration and try new experiments.”

Ali Schwanke

CEO/Founder, Simple Strat

“The right message, at the right time, to the right person – and personalized – is always something marketers talk about, but not something that is always executed in a succinct way. The Juice solves that challenge.”

Brittany Geisler

Marketing Manager, Cordial

“Anytime we can connect the effort that our team is putting in with something like revenue it's always HUGE, so all of this is very exciting because it is giving us validation for what we’re doing.”

Megan Noel

Director of Marketing, Trava

“We've tried content syndication platforms in the past but nothing ever seemed to resonate. The audiences were too broad and it was hard for people to find our stuff. The Juice makes it so much easier for people looking for great content on a specific subject or from a brand to find what they need.”

Leah Friedman

Director of Content Marketing, Guru

Start distributing your content today.

A quick call with our team is all it takes. After that, onboarding is cake.

Content Syndication Platform

As a content marketer, it's essential to prioritize the quality of leads generated rather than just focusing on website traffic numbers. Content syndication platforms might seem efficient in reaching out to a wider audience, especially in B2B content syndication; however, paid content syndication disappoints in performance by failing to provide good outcomes. Using this marketing methodology results in poor-quality leads and visitors receiving irrelevant ads, leading to a lot of website visitors feeling bombarded or uninterested. It's better to avoid content syndication marketing altogether, and this might lead to better long-term outcomes, including a better return on investment. This strategy is likely to reap higher rewards for your business and ensure that you only attract leads that matter. Additionally, content syndication marketing can tarnish your brand's reputation, making it hard to attract high-quality traffic. It's best to focus on building your brand through more authentic channels and attracting only valuable leads to your website.

Content syndication marketing is a popular approach used by businesses to expand the reach of their content. However, despite the hype and popularity, it is evident that this marketing strategy may not always be the most effective. In fact, in many cases, content syndication can end up doing more harm than good, which begs the question: why do so many businesses still use it?

One of the biggest issues with content syndication marketing is that it doesn't always result in the right type of traffic. Content syndication services are notorious for generating a significant amount of traffic to a business's website. However, what they don't always account for is the quality of that traffic. Often, these visitors land on a website without any prior knowledge or interest in the brand, which means they are unlikely to convert. This is a waste of time, resources, and energy for businesses who aim to achieve meaningful results from their marketing efforts.

Businesses should avoid putting all their eggs in the content syndication basket without careful consideration and prior research. It's essential to understand the potential pitfalls of this marketing strategy and to find alternative options which are more effective at generating valuable website traffic. As content marketers, we must continue to explore the best ways to drive organic traffic to our websites while ensuring that the content we produce is of high quality, informative, and unique.

B2B Content Syndication Platforms

Due to the limited number of quality B2B content syndication vendors in the market, content marketers struggle to find trustworthy companies that offer affordable content syndication pricing and topnotch content syndication services. It's crucial for content marketers to conduct thorough research of different content syndication companies to choose the best one that caters to the specific needs of their business. Opting for subpar content syndication services can lead to limited return on investment and wasted resources. Therefore, it's imperative for businesses to carefully vet potential B2B content syndication platforms and vendors before investing in their content syndication services.