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With no additional lift from your team, The Juice distributes your content to an engaged marketing and sales audience, reaching ideal audiences easier, and reports back on sourced revenue.

Content Distribution Software

Content distribution software is a vital tool for content marketers looking to maximize the reach of their content. There are a few categories of content distribution software: social media distribution software, email marketing distribution software, and content distribution software like The Juice.

With the help of the best free social media management tools, like Buffer for social media, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social, content marketers can easily manage, schedule, and publish their content to multiple social media channels at once. These social media management tools also provide social media analytics software to track engagement, impressions, and other important metrics of your content.

Additionally, tools like Google Analytics can help marketers analyze the effectiveness of their content, identify trends, and better understand their audience. Combined with content management software, content distribution software helps marketers streamline their workflow and increase productivity, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with their audience. Overall, social media tools and analytics tools are essential for any content marketer looking to thrive in today's digital landscape.

The Juice is the best of both. The Juice is a consumer platform for marketing and sales pros who use content for research, leveling up, and more. That makes it comparable to a social media platform because it has a vast user base. On the other hand, The Juice also helps content marketers who distribute content on The Juice to track the effectiveness of their content. Customers of The Juice can see if their target personas and companies are engaging with their brand's content. This makes The Juice comparable to an analytics platform.

Content Distribution Platforms Examples

Content distribution platforms are necessary tools for content marketers who seek to expand their brand reach. With various content distribution channels, tools, and platforms available, businesses have ample opportunities to promote their brand while distributing their content more effectively. Utilizing free or paid content distribution tools is important for any marketer looking to meet their specific needs. Common content syndication platforms include Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent,  though content syndication has its downsides. In addition to content syndication, marketers can use video distribution platforms. Efforts that incorporate video content distribution platforms, such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia, can prove successful in expanding brand visibility. Ultimately, these content distribution platforms examples serve as an important starting point to enhance a marketing strategy and maximize the power of content distribution.

Content Management Software Examples

When it comes to organizing and publishing content, content management software (CMS) is a must-have tool for companies of all sizes. There are many content management software companies out there, each offering a unique set of features. Here are a few examples of content management software that have stood out in the industry.

First, WordPress provides users with a free, beginner-friendly, and intuitive web content management system through an easy-to-use dashboard. Second, Drupal is known for its high customization and flexibility for large and complex sites. Third, HubSpot's SaaS platform is focused on inbound marketing but also provides a content management system for tracking and creating blog posts, social media, and email campaigns. Fourth, Contentful is a cloud-based CMS that offers a sleek interface and tools for managing content across multiple channels, including mobile apps and smartwatches. Lastly, Joomla is designed for community sites and offers templates and extensions for more advanced web content management tools.

Having access to a content management tools list, like the content management software examples mentioned above is essential for businesses to keep their information organized and readily available to users. With tools like web content management systems and content tracking software, companies can find a solution that fits their specific business needs. Many customers of The Juice use the above CMS tools to support creation of content, prior to distributing that content on The Juice, on social media, or via email marketing tools like HubSpot.

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It’s all about getting your content in front of the right audience. We’ll share your content with the right people at the right time. Reach more of the right type of people without any additional lift; we do all of the searching and sending for you.

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Increase brand awareness, quality website traffic and the size of your audience. The quantity of your website traffic isn’t enough, you need visitors of high quality. The Juice helps brands by sharing your content with your ideal customers that are likely to visit your website.

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Access unique data that allows you to strengthen the quality and impact of your entire content program. Intent Signals from The Juice allow brands to experience more efficient demand generation and alignment with your sales team. We help brands identify new opportunities for connecting with the right audience, supporting both growth and revenues teams.

“We're able to measure referral traffic (from The Juice) and tie that number back to demo requests which is more than we could ever ask for. As a marketer, my primary goal is to create valuable content and put that content in front of the right people. The Juice happens to give us more information on who those people are than any other platform we use to share our content and that's been incredibly helpful in forming our content strategy.”

Molly Clarke

VP of Marketing - Digital, Spiff

“We love The Juice’s Intent Signals. They tell us if our content is resonating with our ICP and we even test or create unique content based on what’s resonating with this community specifically. Enriching our Salesforce with these signals means we can create unique experiences through our nurtures and sales process.”

Elizabeth Irvine

VP Marketing, MarketMuse

“We’re gathering data from top-performing content across the platform, which has been super helpful. It helps us look at it for content strategy inspiration and try new experiments.”

Ali Schwanke

CEO/Founder, Simple Strat

“The right message, at the right time, to the right person – and personalized – is always something marketers talk about, but not something that is always executed in a succinct way. The Juice solves that challenge.”

Brittany Geisler

Marketing Manager, Cordial

“Anytime we can connect the effort that our team is putting in with something like revenue it's always HUGE, so all of this is very exciting because it is giving us validation for what we’re doing.”

Megan Noel

Director of Marketing, Trava

“We've tried content syndication platforms in the past but nothing ever seemed to resonate. The audiences were too broad and it was hard for people to find our stuff. The Juice makes it so much easier for people looking for great content on a specific subject or from a brand to find what they need.”

Leah Friedman

Director of Content Marketing, Guru

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