Prove your content's value.

Stop wasting time digging through CSV files, spreadsheets, and disconnected systems to validate your content's worth. Instead, easily access revenue attribution for your content with The Juice.

Reach the RIGHT audience.

Publishing your latest piece of content on your blog and hoping the right person sees it isn't enough anymore. Quit wasting a bunch of energy on content that goes unseen and start matching your latest piece with the right person.

Content is paired with users that match your target accounts and buyer personas, driving quality traffic to your site.

Get more results with 0 effort.

It's too easy to move on to your next content piece without fully optimizing your last.

Content redistribution helps marketers reignite content sitting on the digital shelf and get those pieces in front of the right people. Extend the life of the content you create through our redistribution functionality.

Prove you're reaching target accounts.

Your sales team doesn't care about the number of page visits you got. They want to know which of their target accounts are consuming your content.

The Juice provides you with a one-stop dashboard to monitor intent signals and how target accounts are following your brand and engaging with your content.

Report on the revenue impact of your content.

Stop scrambling to search for your content's impact.  
The Juice connects with your CRM to report on influenced and sourced revenue, and provides quick and easy sharing of your results with your team.

Start distributing your content today.

A quick call with our team is all it takes. After that, onboarding is cake.