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Topic Pages Now Launching on The Juice

Brett McGrath

August 23, 2023

Topic Pages Now Launching on The Juice

Last month we gave members on The Juice the ability to Follow Topics.  

The idea for Follow Topics is to help sales and marketing professionals who feel like they’re drowning in the massive sea of B2B content quickly find resources that are relevant to them right now. Since we launched Follow Topics we’ve seen members of The Juice not only use it, but continue to adopt the feature as a way to separate the signal from the noise.

The Top 5 most followed Topics on The Juice right now: 

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Before the launch of Follow Topics we’d use the tagline that, “The Juice is the largest library of marketing and sales resources on the planet” without the “curated for you” piece. I never realized it until my teammate Alaina called it out, but without the curation of it all we were just contributing to the massive problem of B2B content overwhelm without communicating our ability to help our members shrink the sea. We quickly learned that Follow Topics wasn’t just a new feature that would change the way members used The Juice, but also an opportunity for us to think about the way content gets organized to best represent the diversity of professional roles using The Juice. 

That’s why we’re expanding on the groundwork that’s already been set and excited to announce the launch of Topic Pages today! The Juice’s Topic Pages give you unlimited access to resources from industry-leading brands and creators that are personalized for your role and experience. 

How to Follow Topic Pages on The Juice 🧃

For members:

It wouldn’t be a marketing launch at The Juice without highlighting some of our favorite categories highlighted by our amazing bench of brand partners. 

Ready to level up your sales game? RFPs, or Requests for Proposals, are like secret missions for sales professionals, where you decode the needs of potential clients, craft compelling proposals, and swoop in like a superhero to win their business. So let's put on our sales capes, ace those RFPs with strategic precision, and watch as the deals roll in like a wave of victory! 

🧃Follow the RFP Topic Page featuring Responsive 

Turn up the volume and tune in to the exciting world of podcast marketing! It's like being handed a backstage pass to connect with your target audience in a whole new way, inviting them into an audio adventure filled with captivating storytelling, expert insights, and a sprinkle of humor. So grab your headphones, hit play, and let your brand's voice be heard in the podcasting playground!

🧃Follow the Podcast Marketing Topic Page featuring CoHost 

Content marketers are always looking for ways to dig into analytics, understand new distribution strategies, and find ways to create better experiences for their audiences. Chief Marketing Officers continue to invest more of their budget into content and new opportunities continue to pop up for creators. The best way to gain insight on new content ideas is to do it yourself or learn from your peers. We’ve curated content from some of the highest performing brands in B2B. Time to stop wondering and start learning.

🧃Follow the Content Marketing Topic Page featuring 

Ready to unleash the retail revolution? Retail marketing is like a shopping spree for your brand, where savvy strategies, eye-catching displays, and irresistible promotions guide customers on a journey of discovery and delight. So let's turn window shoppers into loyal customers, sprinkle some retail magic, and watch your business shine brighter than the flashiest storefront on Rodeo Drive! 

🧃Follow the Retail Topic Page featuring Narvar

Customer advocacy is like having a squad of loyal supporters who not only love your brand but shout it from the rooftops, spreading positive vibes, and attracting new customers like bees to honey. So let's cultivate those strong relationships, sprinkle some genuine interactions, and watch your business thrive with the power of customer advocacy!

🧃Follow the Customer Advocacy Topic Page featuring Influitive

Growth Marketing is like that magical potion  you drink to make your business thrive and flourish in the digital world. It's all about using data-driven strategies and creative tactics to attract and retain customers, boost revenue, and leave your competitors in the dust. From viral campaigns to personalized experiences, Growth Marketing is the secret ingredient that takes your business from zero to hero. So buckle up, because it's time to take your brand on a wild and exhilarating ride of explosive growth

🧃Follow the Growth Marketing Topic Page featuring Crimson Park Digital 

Get ready to give your products the marketing spotlight they deserve with the power of product marketing! It's like having a talented hype squad by your side, crafting irresistible messaging, designing eye-catching visuals, and creating a buzz that leaves your target audience craving more. Unleash the marketing magic and watch as your products steal the show!

🧃Follow the Product Marketing Topic Page featuring Tourial 

Planning your next marketing event and need some inspiration? Find brands who are sharing ideas on how to think outside the box with your next field marketing event or what not to do at a trade show in 2023. Enhance your planning with resources built for event marketers.

🧃Follow the Event Management Topic Page featuring Goldcast 

Hey there! Let's talk about CRM platforms! These powerful platforms are like your trusty sidekicks, keeping all your customer data organized and at your fingertips. From managing leads and contacts to tracking customer interactions, these CRM platforms are the secret sauce to boosting your customer relationships and supercharging your marketing efforts! So get ready to level up, because with these bad boys, you'll be crushing your marketing goals faster than you can say "customer satisfaction"!

🧃Follow the CRM Topic Page featuring Keap

Ready to serve up some content wizardry? Content strategy is like the secret recipe behind a deliciously successful marketing feast, combining the perfect blend of audience insights, story-driven narratives, and a sprinkle of SEO magic, served on a platter of engaging formats and platforms. Dish up some mouthwatering content strategies that leave your audience hungry for more!

🧃Follow the Content Strategy Topic Page Featuring MarketMuse 

Get ready to unleash your brand's full potential with the magic of brand management! It's like wielding a kaleidoscope of creativity and strategy, where you mold your brand's identity into a captivating masterpiece that resonates with your audience, sparkles with authenticity, and shines bright like a supernova in the crowded galaxy of business. Strap on our brand management jetpacks and blast off into the stellar realm of brand success!

🧃Follow the Brand Management Topic Page Featuring Bynder 

Ready to boost your brand's visibility and reach new heights? Search advertising is like having a superhero sidekick who swoops in, displaying your ads to the right audience at the right time, making sure your brand shines like a beacon amidst a sea of search results. So let's harness the power of search algorithms, target those keywords like bulls-eye, and watch your business soar to the top with search advertising!

🧃Follow the Search Advertising Topic Page Featuring Brave

Emails, social posts, and internal exchanges on Slack can all play a role in your brand's next security attack. In order to protect data and other brand assets your team must invest in the right security measures. These aren’t always top of mind until something bad happens. Get out in front of it and learn from the experts in the cloud security space.

🧃Follow the Security Topic Page Featuring Trava

Learn from trusted brands on how to transform your social media strategy into something that your future customer turns the alerts on for. Stay up to speed on the latest information in social and start implementing new ideas for your brand.

🧃Follow the Social Media Page Featuring Agorapulse

Supercharge your content game with the magic of content operations! It's like having a well-oiled machine behind the scenes, ensuring smooth workflows, seamless collaboration, and efficient management of your content production and distribution . With content operations, your brand can dazzle the audience with a steady stream of high-quality, on-brand content that hits all the right notes and keeps your business booming!

🧃Follow the Content Operations Page Featuring Aprimo 

Ready to juice up your website's performance? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the secret sauce that turns visitors into paying customers, elevating your online business to new heights. So let's mix data-driven insights, sprinkle some persuasive design strategies, and watch those conversion rates soar!

🧃Follow the Conversion Rate Optimization Page Featuring Hotjar 

Take your marketing game to the next level with the power of personalization! It's like having a secret sauce that transforms your marketing efforts into a tailor-made experience, allowing you to connect with each customer on a deeper level, deliver targeted messages that resonate with their unique needs and preferences, and ultimately boost engagement, loyalty, and conversions. Infuse your marketing strategy with a burst of personalization magic, serving up content that's so spot-on, it's like you're reading minds!

🧃Follow the Marketing Personalization Page Featuring Jebbit 

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