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Follow Topics Now Launching on The Juice

Brett McGrath

July 17, 2023

Follow Topics Now Launching on The Juice

Follow Topics Launching on The Juice

Drowning in a sea of content? We bottle the relevant stuff for you.

There’s 2 big observations that I’ve made in the B2B marketing and sales content space over the last 2.5 years that I’ve been working at The Juice. 

  1. The volume of B2B marketing and sales content is the highest it’s ever been and continues to soar as each day passes 
  2. The demand for relevant and helpful B2B content has increased, but it’s challenging to find the right resources at the right time 

Before The Juice officially launched we ran a survey to better understand our future members' content consumption habits. We found that 40% of B2B professionals interact with 10+ content pieces per week. Also, 60% of content marketers who responded to the survey said that they create at least one new piece of content each day. 

The proliferation of B2B content means that there’s more “how to” posts, guides, podcast episodes, videos, digital events, long form content, and a myriad of other resource types than ever before. Hitting publish might feel good for the brands that are creating new content everyday, but also overwhelms consumers as we try to navigate what resources are worth our time or not. 

Consumers are content overload. Content follows us through paid advertising, jams up our inbox, and invades our social feeds. We’re living in an era where access to B2B content is greater than ever, but the problem is that a large majority of content is irrelevant to us. We waste a tremendous amount of time digging across channels to find 1 piece that might help us, but most of the time comes up short.  

Scott Brinker’s 2023 MarTech Landscape Supergraphic is made up of 11,038 products…you know it’s getting whacky when these logos look like specs from a crumb of the chocolate chip cookie that I ate last night. 

Let’s carry over the survey data over to the MarTech map for fun. 

🧃Approximately 6,600 new pieces of content would be created every day 

🧃33,000 new pieces of content would be created each week 

🧃1.7 million new pieces of content would be created every year 

Take a moment to consider all of the time, money, and resources that are invested into building out all of that content by B2B marketing teams. Now consider how many of the right people don’t even come close to consuming those resources because they don’t have the right content compass to direct them to the pieces that actually matter to them. 

We’re drowning in a sea of content. The goggles are foggy. The snorkel is submerged.

It’s easier to swim back to the surface and ignore all of the irrelevant content that has been wasting our time until now. 

Today, The Juice releases Follow Topics to help anyone who feels like they’re drowning in the sea of B2B content. Let us bottle up and serve only the freshest resources that matter to you right now. 

How to Follow Topics on The Juice 🧃

For new members:

For existing members

Marketers struggle to separate the signal from the noise. It’s become a volume game and too many marketers ignore quality and relevance. The backlash is that consumers default to ignoring everything in the interest of protecting their time. 

Following topics on The Juice is our way of throwing out a content life vest for you. Instead of air it’s filled with curation, relevance, and the right kind of content discoverability that you’ve been searching for. 

Not a member yet? Sign up for the Juice for free and get access to the largest library of B2B marketing and sales content in the world. 🧃

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