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The Juice Announces Creator Pages Access for the Next Wave of Modern Day Marketers

Brett McGrath

May 26, 2022

The Juice Announces Creator Pages Access for the Next Wave of Modern Day Marketers

Marketing is all about experiments, right? 

We’re creators, but let’s not forget that we are investigators, too. 

We identify a topic that our audience is looking for answers on. 

We investigate this topic by performing our own research. This research can take place by having real conversations with real people. Also, the catalyst can be digging into existing content (I’ve got a place for you to check out for that😉) and synthesizing themes. 

Once we identify the primary themes we get to work.

This can mean that we start creating content around it. It can mean we start building products for it.

…and in the best case scenario for your audience we decide to do both.

How’s that for an experiment? 

In March, we started an experiment around Creator Pages publicly with a subset of creators in B2B. Creator Pages was a new product that we were launching and began to build for it because of the investigative approach that we took at exploring undeniable themes in B2B. 

The two primary themes that I had been gathering through my exploration of the individual creator in B2B were: 

  1. Content distribution was not only here to stay, but creators were looking for new channels to promote their work 
  2. The rise of the individual creator in B2B was a trend the most successful brands in B2B were adopting 

On March 2 we did the press release thing, rallied a group of creators, and launched Creator Pages in the B2B content universe.  

I dug into these two themes and wrote an article about them during our initial launch. 

Once the dust had settled from a fun day of promotion we began investigating Creator Pages.

We didn’t just look at Creator Pages from the creator’s perspective. We dove into performance analysis from our member’s side. We wanted to know if they cared. We wanted to know if it changed anything about the current way they were using The Juice. Ultimately, we wanted to know if our assumptions around the rise of the individual creator in B2B translated back into the product that we were building.

Since launching the beta version of Creator Pages in March with 20+  creators we’ve seen:

We’ve learned that Creator Pages are not only a place where marketers can consolidate and distribute content to a quality audience, but we’ve also been validated that members don’t want these content relationships to be transactional. 

So often we come across a piece of content that we think is great. We actually take notes and share it with our team on Slack. The piece of content inspires deep thinking and might even be the catalyst for a new project you are starting. Chances are the author of that article that inspired you has more content to fuel your knowledge, but you don’t have a great way to connect with that creator long-term…that stops with Creator Pages. 

People want to learn from people. We’ve had the conversations, we’ve run the tests, we’ve validated assumptions. Creator Pages makes it easier for consumers to opt-in to follow creators on The Juice that match their needs. 

Today, we roll out a new group of creators across B2B to follow on The Juice.

It’s an opportunity for members to get to know the people behind the content at your favorite B2B brands. It’s an opportunity to get introduced to someone who is creating a topic that you are eager to learn about. 

Finding great content takes work. There are a lot of obstacles that exist and roadblocks to jump through on the path for professional growth. We believe that connecting you with the people behind the brands can lead you on a path of continued growth.

Content shouldn’t be transactional. We want to make it easier for you to grow.

You can start today by following the newest group of creators on The Juice:

Lizzy Burnam, Content Marketing Manager, UX Research, User Interviews 

Khushi Lunkad, Growth Marketer, Streamline 

Alexa Parker, Founder & CEO, Crimson Park Digital 

Andrew Kumar, Director, Platform Evangelism, Contenful

Ben Kazinik, Director of Content, Mayple

Bryan Smith, Co-Founder, Leon

Corey Haines, Founder, SwipeFiles 

Curt Woodward, Content Director, ZoomInfo 

Emily Brady, Creative Content Lead, Sweet Fish Media

Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist, BombBomb 

Jess Bahr, Senior Director, Demand Generation, Moveable Ink

Josh Krakaur, CEO, Sculpt 

Nate Nasralla, Founder, Fluint 

Ryan Law, VP of Content, Animalz 

Stephen Jeske, Senior Content Strategist, MarketMuse 

Do you need help consolidating and distributing your content? Sign up here and you could be a part of the next group with access to Creator Pages.🧃

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