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The Juice Launches Creator Pages, Supporting B2B Marketers in Highlighting Individuals Behind the Brands

Brett McGrath

March 1, 2022

The Juice Launches Creator Pages, Supporting B2B Marketers in Highlighting Individuals Behind the Brands


The Juice Launches Creator Pages, Supporting B2B Marketers in Highlighting Individuals Behind the Brands

With the growth of B2B marketing influencers, The Juice releases new features to help companies harness the power of their employees' personal brands. 

INDIANAPOLIS, March 02, 2022 - The Juice, a business-to-business (B2B) content discovery and distribution platform, is releasing Creator Pages. After launching in the fall and growing the platform to over 400 B2B brands, The Juice is now announcing a unique space for creators and thought leaders, starting with 20 individual, world-class B2B marketers. 

Traditionally, B2B brands have exclusively used content produced by the company itself. As the rise of the influencer has impacted consumer businesses, B2B companies are now beginning to recognize internal content creators as the most powerful distribution channel. With word of mouth marketing influencing 91% of B2B purchasing decisions, content provides a powerful voice to content marketers. 

"Your future customers are learning about brands through creators sharing content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and in Slack communities,” said Brett McGrath, VP of Marketing at The Juice. “Brands that are winning, like Goldcast and Guru, give their creators the runway to build connections through their own content. We want to support this growing trend and believe Creator Pages are a step to humanize more B2B brands."

With Creator Pages, The Juice aggregates and organizes content associated with individual B2B sales and marketing professionals. Once the page is claimed by the individual, creators are able to customize, add, distribute, and feature their content across The Juice platform. Members of The Juice are able to follow creators to receive updates when new content is added.  

Creator Pages make it easy for B2B brands to promote content through individuals and accelerate the opportunity to earn trust with their audience.  

"Marketing is ever-evolving, but its latest evolution in B2B involves constant content creation and the creator's co-branding as the 'face' of the company. I never expected to put myself 'out there' on behalf of CaliberMind as much as I do, but the results are undeniable. I'm thrilled that  The Juice team has spotted this trend and developed innovative ways to support those of us who are evangelizing our brands," said Camela Thompson, VP of Marketing at CaliberMind. "Partnering with them was a no brainer."

After launching in August of 2021, over 3,000 members have already signed up to use The Juice for free. The platform offers free profiles that empower members to receive content recommendations unique to their role and industry. In total, there are over 100,000 resources on the platform, free to access.

To learn more about The Juice, visit https://www.thejuicehq.com/

Create a free profile The Juice here: https://app.thejuicehq.com/registration/new

Check out the Creator Pages from the early access group: Brad Beutler, Drew Beechler, Sangram Vajre, Kristian Andersen, Kyle Lacy, Jay Acunzo, Chae O'Brien, Hiba Amin, Ben Oliveri, Mark Huber, Camela Thompson , Jason Bradwell, Chelsea Castle, Sara Pion, Conner Jones, Grace Tyson, Mitch Causey, Meisha Bochicchio, James Gilbert. Ali Schwanke, Masooma Memon, Matthew Desrosiers, Brooklin Nash, Holly Enneking, Camille Trent, Yaag Ganesh, Alex Birkett, Leah Friedman, Fio Dossetto

About The Juice: 

The Juice is a B2B content discovery platform that gathers high-quality content and resources from across the internet into one space. Members can discover, organize, follow, and enjoy all of the content, curated specifically to their interests, for free and on-demand—without the lousy forms. And brands can build better relationships with the right audience at the right time. It’s a lot like Spotify, but for B2B professionals.

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