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Modern Day Marketer: What to Look for In a Great Social Media Manager with Andrew Barlos of Loomly 

Brett McGrath

July 21, 2023

Modern Day Marketer: What to Look for In a Great Social Media Manager with Andrew Barlos of Loomly 

There's a lot of prolific content creators in B2B.

How many are taking a step back to habitually analyze performance?

This is a question that I've been thinking a lot about recently. We ran a survey when I first started at The Juice and 60% of respondents mentioned that they create at least 1 new piece of content every day.

That's a TON of new content that enters the B2B marketing & sales universe every day. It's a challenge for creators to not only hold that pace, but also to understand what content is resonating with the right people.

Earlier this year I dug into the Top 5 performing pieces of content for marketers on The Juice with Mariya Delano and took away these themes:

🧃Practical and simple headlines contribute to an article's success

🧃Consistent creation of quality content makes these brands celebrities in the B2B content marketing space

🧃SEO-optimized articles still get traction as long as they're helpful

Brands like Brave Software, Simple Strat, Jebbit, Hotjar, and MarketMuse were all examples of brands who were creating content that was practical and impactful to members on The Juice.

It's easy to overwhelm our audiences with the volume of content they were regularly creating. It's always a good idea to take a step back, look at the data, and adjust focus to benefit the people who we're trying to reach.

We just republished this conversation on our podcast feed for you to check out. 


What traits should we look for when hiring a social media manager? We all understand that showing up online in new and creative ways is a requirement today. The role of a social media manager can be broad, undefined, and is changing rapidly. I wanted to dig in deep to understand what are the qualities that we should look for when hiring individuals for this role. 

Andrew Barlos is the Senior Director of Marketing at Loomly who just recently brought on board a new social media manager and shares his insights. He predicts that social media managers will be the next leaders at companies. He shares that great social media marketers stay on top of trends, carve out time for creativity, and are self starters. 

In this episode we cover: 

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