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Modern Day Marketer: Predicting the ROI of Your Content Program with Jeff Coyle of MarketMuse 

Brett McGrath

February 10, 2023

Modern Day Marketer: Predicting the ROI of Your Content Program with Jeff Coyle of MarketMuse 

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope can provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

Q3 was a bummer.

We didn’t hit our member goals.

We didn’t hit our revenue goals.

We didn’t hit our fundraising goals.

We had been riding high and then all of a sudden hit a brick wall.

That’s start-up life, right? The highest of highs and lowest of lows.

We just wrapped our Q4 and the results were dramatically different.

🧃Highest member adoption every (10k and beyond!)

🧃Biggest quarter from a revenue perspective in company history

🧃Developed a bright path forward on the fundraising side

What’s the reason?

We think it’s because we blocked everything out and obsessed over the basics.

We dropped an episode earlier this week to discuss the turnaround and why focusing on the fundamentals should be your new shiny object. I hope there is a thing or two that you can take away from it. 


One of my favorite topics to dig into right now is the understanding of the ROI that our content programs are delivering to our brand. It’s undeniable that great content makes and impacts, but many marketers face challenges with communicating the revenue impact within their organizations. 

Jeff Coyle is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of MarketMuse, an AI platform that streamlines content research, planning and crafting. He joins me for a discussion about estimating the return on investment of content programs. Jeff places a strong emphasis on hit and success rates, avoiding shortcuts, and content repurposing. 

Discussed in this episode: 

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