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Modern Day Marketer: One Last Minute Experiment to Find Your 2023 Breakthrough

Brett McGrath

December 12, 2022

Modern Day Marketer: One Last Minute Experiment to Find Your 2023 Breakthrough

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope can provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

The best marketers that I’ve ever worked with all possess one quality that separates them from the rest. 

It has nothing to do with growth hacking, feature launching, or brand campaigning. 

It’s not about the amount of likes they get or the number of newsletter sign ups they acquire. 

It’s an admirable quality that is not manufactured, but ingrained in the DNA of my favorite marketers.

It’s tenacity. 

Tenacious marketers aren’t scared of failing. They’re determined to experiment until they find the result that can help transform their function and brand to new heights. 

Tenacious marketers don’t stop when they are told no.

Tenacious marketers are planning their next move midway through their latest experiment.

Tenacious marketers don’t take days off because it’s December and “no one is around”. 

Last week, we re-launched Content Distribution FastPass for all of the tenacious marketers out there. We believe in the power of content distribution. We believe in the power of experiments. 

We have a couple spots available. If you are looking for more context I wrote an article about this experiment. 

We’ve got a couple of productive weeks left in the year and we are all about experiments. 

We dropped our first content distribution package off on today’s episode of Modern Day Marketer. Will anyone sign up because of it? We have no idea, but we thought it’s worth giving something back to the loyal listeners of the show. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with our site, messaging, sponsorships, and video content. If you’re reading this and interested in exploring the offer you can receive 35% off content distribution packages, use code MODERN before January 31st at https://www.thejuicehq.com/pricing

In this episode we cover: 

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