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It's Time to Experiment With Content Distribution FastPass

Brett McGrath

December 6, 2022

It's Time to Experiment With Content Distribution FastPass

It’s December and marketers have a choice to make. 

We can blame inaction on the holiday season or get serious about starting an experiment that can change the trajectory of our 2023. 

I’ve been advocating for greater adoption of content distribution across B2B since I took this job. My conviction around content distribution only grew stronger after hosting a digital event with an amazing group that drew nearly 450 registrants. It was a signal that I wasn’t alone. 

We are operating in a time where our boss and boss’ boss are asking us to do more with less. Many of us have smaller budgets, less resources, and limited support compared to this time last year. We can all stick to the status quo. We can hit rinse and repeat on last year’s marketing plan and hope for the best or we can take a big swing. 

Content distribution is a big swing because only a fraction of marketers are investing in it right now. At The Juice, we not only want to help power your content distribution, but give you the opportunity to experiment first. That’s why we are re-launching Content Distribution FastPass today. There’s only 10 spots. It’s free and it will be completely booked. 

Content Distribution FastPass 

We ran an experiment with content distribution on September 22, 2022.

We used our podcast, social channels, newsletter, and even our customer’s platforms (thanks MarketMuse!) to talk about why we believe content distribution is one of the most important strategies modern day marketers can be spending their time on right now. 

I’d classify this experiment a success for the following reasons: 

  1. We gained a new customer 
  2. Several future customers got the opportunity to see the power of The Juice 
  3. It helped us streamline new content by featuring amazing posts from awesome brands 

The experiment was the launch of Content Distribution FastPass. The premise was simple. 

We created a landing page, asked a handful of questions, and responded back to everyone who was interested in participating. We put a cap on FastPass. We selected 10 brands to participate. 

We asked brands to share one piece of content that they believed would perform well with an audience of 8,000 (and growing) sales and marketing professionals. We’d feature their content, distribute on The Juice, and then share the results. 

Intent Signals inside The Juice

The results came in the form of Intent Signals. These signals come from audience members who engage with the content, view the page, follow the brand, and more. Marketers are always looking for ways to tie back their content to the pipeline and Intent Signals is the first step into making this a reality. 

Going into 2023 we believe it’s critical that modern day marketers have the ability to: 

There’s only thing more satisfying than a successful experiment. 

That’s a successful experiment showcasing the power of your product. We created conviction around content distribution and our ability to help marketers connect their content with an audience in a brand new way. 

Don’t just take it from me. 

Jebbit went through Content Distribution FastPass and is one of the newest partners of The Juice. Make sure you smash follow on their Brand Page. I’ve been loving the content that they are putting out. 

We are pumped about Jebbit and thought it was a good time to open up Content Distribution FastPass again to modern day brands looking for a way to extend their content to a new audience. 

Content Distribution FastPass up for round 2  opens up today. Let us introduce your latest piece of content to our members. 

Don’t fall victim to inaction in December. Content Distribution FastPass is an experiment that can help you close the year out strong.

Looking for a way to level up your content distribution? Sign up for Content Distribution FastPass today. 🧃

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