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Modern Day Marketer: How Content Can Support Your PLG Go-to-Market Motion wit Ramli John of Appcues 

Brett McGrath

November 4, 2022

Modern Day Marketer: How Content Can Support Your PLG Go-to-Market Motion wit Ramli John of Appcues 

Forgettable content is pumped out by content factory operators at an alarming rate. 

The content factory mindset across B2B has left our audiences overwhelmed. The people who we are building for are on content overload. The result is most of the content that we publish goes unseen and ends up in internet purgatory. 

Instead of taking the archaic, content factory approach to production it’s time for all creators and brands to be more mindful of how content distribution becomes a primary focus of their marketing strategy. There’s a seismic shift happening in content marketing and great content distribution is helping brands separate.

We announced an upcoming event that we are hosting at The Juice on content distribution and have been overwhelmed by the interest. I couldn’t be more excited about the presenters. 

Nick Bennett, Hiba Amin, Leah Friedman, and John Bonini are helping usher in a new era in content marketing where distribution powers marketers to run laps around their content factory operating competition. 

I dropped a companion episode to the announcement to discuss why distribution is more important now than ever before.  Don’t forget to register to learn more about how to level up your content distribution. 🧃

Product-Led Everything! 

I’ve talked to so many marketers who are starting a product-led go-to-market motions for their brands. These modern day marketers understand that buyers want to explore our products before they have to talk to humans. So, what’s the best way for marketing to help support this frictionless experience between our future customers and the product we are promoting? 

How’s building amazing content sound?

In the latest episode Ramli John discusses how content can support PLG (product led growth) go-to-market motions. Ramli is the Content Programming Director at Appcues, a company that makes it easy to measure and improve product adoption without a developer. After seeing freemium models fail, he wrote Product-Led Onboarding: How to Turn New Users Into Lifelong Customers. Full of tips to power up your marketing efforts, Ramli is a wealth of knowledge for the modern day marketer

In this episode we cover: 

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