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Launching Content Distribution Live: A New Virtual Event Series from The Juice

Brett McGrath

March 28, 2023

Launching Content Distribution Live: A New Virtual Event Series from The Juice

We’re announcing a new virtual event series to put a spotlight on content distribution with this post. I’m going to share further details on the series in a second, but first I need to give some context.

Let’s start with March. To use the basketball cliche it’s been madness. I’m not upset about it because really exciting opportunities have popped up that have given us the opportunity to share our message in a lot of different ways. This is what’s happened in the last 3 weeks alone: 

  1. [Event] We hosted How to Answer, “What’s the ROI of Our Content Marketing Program” with an amazing group of content leaders to help marketers understand how to escape the endless cycle of digging through credit to prove the value of their content program. This conversation was chalked full of actionable advice on how to communicate content’s impact on your company’s revenue goals. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the event you can sign up for The Juice for free and watch it here
  2. [Product] We launched Smarter Distribution for The Juice. Marketers can now use The Juice to share the right content with the right audience at the right time and have the ROI to prove it. The Juice customers currently using Smarter Distribution are seeing a 390% Content ROI with the new product feature (NO BIG DEAL!). Also, I wrote an article that was full of social proof on why I think Smarter Distribution matters.
  3. [Collaboration] We got to participate in Pepper Content’s Elevate conference last week. I shared the digital stage with Michaela Rollings, Head of Brand and Content at Hive to discuss, “Maximizing Content Marketing ROI with Generative AI”.  The conversation went great and shared more thoughts on the process to prepare for it in an episode of Modern Day Marketer dropped earlier this week.

Content distribution is the primary theme that runs through each of these marketing initiatives. It’s the number 1 topic that I’ve created content on over the last 2 years and always the topic that marketers I speak with are trying to learn more about. Distribution was mentioned by our group of content leaders when referencing how to find ROI. It’s the strategy for which content companies like The Juice are building new products for this year and beyond. Finally, I probably said distribution more than any other word during the talk on Generative AI at Elevate. Everyone continues to talk about Generative AI as a means to create more or enhance current content processes. The problem is that the people that we are trying to reach are overwhelmed by the supply of content and most of our content falls into the internet purgatory without a distribution plan. 

We believe content distribution can help brands cut through the noise. It can help brands differentiate because of the mindfulness it puts on the consumer. It’s not a batch and blast strategy like content syndication. Distribution is how marketers can build an ongoing following and build affinity with the right people. 

It’s still so early with content distribution. There’s an incredible group of marketers talking about content distribution, but there’s not enough. Content marketing at The Juice has always been about curating the brightest voices in the industry around topics that we think are important to the modern day marketer. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Content Distribution Live! 

Content Distribution Live is a new event series brought to you by The Juice.  Each conversation will be focused on ways that modern day marketers can maximize their existing content, extend its shelf life, and reach the right people at the right time. The goal of this series is to extinguish the content factory mindset and to inspire creators on how they can truly differentiate from their competition by doubling down on content distribution. 

We’re kicking off the series with Justin Simon, Content Strategy Consultant who helps brands promote more content, connect with their audience, and attract more customers. We’ll explore how to multiply your ROI without spending hours on promotion. He’ll share how to get started with a distribution first approach and what the results could mean for you.  When I thought about this series Justin was the first marketer that came to my mind and can’t tell you how excited I am to kick this thing off! 

Content Distribution Live is going to be quick hits and actionable. 

We want to create a format that keeps you engaged and leaves you with at least one thing that you can take back to your team. 

Here are some questions that we will be exploring with Justin: 

🧃What are the core elements that make up a successful content distribution strategy?

🧃How should we be evaluating channels that we spend time on?

🧃What are 3 primary benefits of a distribution approach to content?

🧃What are signals that we should look for to know when it’s working? How should we be thinking about the ROI?

If you are thinking about content distribution, just getting started, or even consider yourself an expert there will be value gained by registering for Content Distribution live today. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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