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What Smarter Distribution Means for Marketers

Brett McGrath

March 15, 2023

What Smarter Distribution Means for Marketers
“What’s the ROI of our content marketing program?” 

This is a question that has been asked from marketers since the birth of content marketing. If you’ve ever been in a marketing role that has touched content it’s likely that you’ve had to field this question before. Typically, we don’t get hit with this question when things are going well. In fact, it seems like anytime sales miss their number or there’s not enough pipeline coverage in place to cover the next quarter the spotlight gets put on content. Content is an easy scapegoat and our ability to protect it comes down to our ability to communicate its value with data. 

The last 6-12 months have been a challenge. Changes outside of our control have caused a pullback of resources, headcount, and support for our marketing teams.  Marketers are being asked to do more with less and goals are bigger than ever before. The brand activities that helped us differentiate are being put on hold as the pressure to deliver more leads, pipeline, and new sales has turned up. 

The easy way is to pull back on content right now. Everyone is looking for immediate results and decision makers struggle to correlate content output with content ROI. Marketers understand pausing content could mean sacrificing future pipeline.

It can be a struggle to communicate content’s impact on the bottom line right now.

Understanding the gaps, where support is needed, and how content fits can be powerful.

Last week we hosted How to Answer, “What’s the ROI of Our Content Marketer Program?” with an incredible group of marketing leaders. We gathered insights on the trade-offs between immediate and long-term conversion, growing pipeline with content, maximizing the value of your content, and how content can help connect a broken GTM strategy. 

Today, we introduce a new way to distribute your content with no additional work. It’s distribution that allows marketers to share the right content with the right audience at the right time and have the ROI to prove it. 

The Juice launches Smarter Distribution for brands. With no additional lift from your team, Smarter Distribution from The Juice platform unlocks:

What Smarter Distribution Means For Marketers 

We’ve talked a lot about content distribution over the lifecycle of our business. We believe that content distribution is a more impactful alternative to content syndication. The strategy focuses on quality over quantity and is designed to bring marketers closer to their audience by using content to answer their questions. Content distribution is about being on offense with the content that you create. It’s the art of finding communities, groups, and other channels where your customers hang out. 

We’ve spent the last 2 years building an audience of sales and marketing professionals. We help professionals grow by connecting them with modern resources from trusted brands. The launch of Smarter Distribution is an opportunity to connect with a new audience in a modern way. The sugar on top is The Juice provides actual data points to help you communicate the value of your content program to your internal stakeholders who ask the question, “what’s the ROI of our content program?”.  The early access group of brand partners using Smarter Distribution is currently seeing a 390% ROI from their content on The Juice. 

How’s that for reporting? 

Let’s talk about the different ways that Smarter Distribution can help elevate your current content marketing program. 

Content Matching

It’s all about getting your content in front of the right people at the right time. With Content Matching your content is paired with users that match your target accounts and buyer personas, driving traffic to your site. 

The Juice is the most impactful distribution channel on my checklist. I’m biased, I know, but after I get published on most platforms I have absolutely no visibility into not only who is seeing my content, but if they are actually a fit. Content matching not only gets my articles, podcast episodes, and events in front of the right people, but also shares account-level information that I can use when planning with our sales team. 

🧃See what brand partners of The Juice are saying: 

Content Redistribution 

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made with content over the years is not taking the time to maximize each piece before moving on to the next. This has led to a stack of content sitting on the digital shelf collecting dust. Smarter Distribution opens the door to content repurposing where marketers can extend the life of the content you create through your following, daily digest, and redistribute functionality. 

Content Redistribution on The Juice allows marketers to share existing pieces of content with new members from their audience with one-click. I’ve updated my content distribution workflow by making sure I repurpose existing content that I’ve built at least once a week.

The theme of doing more with less with your content isn’t going away anytime soon. The best content marketers are thinking about ways that they can better optimize and extend the life cycle of their content. Smarter Distribution helps unlock the opportunity for your content to continue to do work for you long after you hit publish. 

Recommended listening:

🧃See what brand partners of The Juice are saying: 

Content Analytics 

I haven’t met another marketer who isn’t looking for more visibility on the types of brands who are consuming their content regularly. Last Summer we released Intent Signals on The Juice. 

With Intent Signals marketers are able to:

Content Analytics in The Juice

A day or two after I distribute a piece of content on The Juice I go back and look at Content Analytics to measure performance. I get a one stop dashboard to monitor Intent Signals and how target accounts are following your brand and engaging with your content. Content Analytics presents the opportunity for us to share our point of view on how we gather data and how it is used on The Juice. We are highly focused on the consent of our members. We use a zero party data approach to gather information during onboarding to create a high quality experience matching our members with your brand’s content. 

🧃See what brand partners of The Juice are saying: 

Revenue Attribution 

As mentioned previously, the last several months as a B2B marketer has been interesting to say the least. Changes outside of our control have caused a pullback of resources, headcount, and support for our marketing teams. The conversation has transitioned from content to conversion. It's not only conversion, but it's all the tracking that goes with it. Instead of spending time producing, publishing, and distributing content with confidence we are wasting time defending the value of the content that elevates our brand. 

It shouldn't just be about content. It shouldn't just be about conversion. We should be talking more about how they both should be working together. The launch of Smarter Distribution is a big day for the marketer who has struggled to succinctly tell the ROI story of their work.  The Juice connects with your CRM to report on influenced and sourced revenue, sharing the ROI of your content marketing program.

In the build up to the launch we started testing with our customers and have seen phenomenal results. The Juice is currently driving an average 390% ROI for brand partners who have revenue attribution connected to The Juice. 

🧃See what brand partners of The Juice are saying:

What Does Smarter Distribution Mean to You? 

I’m not sure there’s a more appropriate way to close out a launch post than to spend more time shining a light on our awesome brand partners. As we prepared for this launch I asked Kat who manages Customer Success to ask our brand partners, “What does smarter distribution mean to you?”. The responses we got back were phenomenal. 

Alexa Parker - Founder & CEO at Crimson Park Digital 

Meisha Bochiccio - Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

Elizabeth Irvine - VP of Marketing at MarketMuse

Leah Byrd - Sr. Manager of Integrated Campaigns at Keap

Jara Rowe - Content Marketing Specialist at Trava 


Leah Friedman - Director of Content Marketing at Guru

Melissa Meredith - Owner at Content Creative 

Want to see how you can see how The Juice can help you get your content to the right people at the right time and give you the ROI data to prove it? Talk to our team to see if Smarter Distribution is a good fit for your next piece of content.🧃

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