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Launching Content Distribution FastPass and Space is Limited

Brett McGrath

September 21, 2022

Launching Content Distribution FastPass and Space is Limited

I started at The Juice on January 4, 2021. It was my first time joining a company that didn’t have a product or an engineering team building something. It was the vision around making it easier for sales and marketing professionals and brands to connect around content that sucked me in. 

In the weeks following my start date we’d bring on a kick ass engineering team that began to pull together content sources and lay the foundation for the product that members see today. 

Building a product that your audience loves doesn’t happen overnight. It takes feedback, iterations, long hours, debates, collaboration and so much more to get people to start using your new shiny thing. I knew that it was going to take a bit of time to launch our product in the B2B marketing world and quickly needed to decide where I was going to focus my time. I quickly noticed the way B2B marketers operated was dramatically different from my last go around communicating with this audience. I spent long hours researching, sliding into DMs, and asking if strangers would talk to me on Zoom for 15 minutes so I could learn more. 

I’m not sure what I’d be doing right now if it wasn’t for doing more listening than talking in the first couple months. It was these early conversations that became the catalyst for the creation of the hero in our story. The Modern Day Marketer was born and we flipped these conversations into a podcast that marketers across the world listen to a couple of times every week. Most importantly, these conversations shined a light on a topic that everyone knows they need to spend more time on, but few are investing the right amount of energy to see the positive impact. That topic is content distribution and I’ve even written about why it’s a big reason that I took this job. 

Content distribution has been the number one topic that I’ve thought about over the last 18 months. I obsess over content distribution because it presents a shift in content ideology. It’s a move away from producing a high quantity of content because that’s what the algorithms like to producing more quality content because that’s what your future customers want. The strategy demands that you take an anti-content factory mindset and instead of producing you are researching. It’s about identifying the right channels where your future customers are going to interact, learn, or grow as professionals and enter those channels to help. Content distribution is not blasting your content across every distribution channel possible. It’s about being part of the conversation and letting your content stack answer the questions from the community. 

Our future customers are on content overload. The volume game is still roaring and most of what is produced ends up in the internet purgatory. Creators need to stop wasting time on low quality content built for machines and not people. It’s time to shift the mindset from generating low quality leads because it makes us feel good to investing in a distribution strategy that helps you build affinity.

If you haven’t started your journey with content distribution we’re here to help get you started today. A decision to get started with content distribution is a decision towards running laps around your competition with your content.

Ever get the question from your internal stakeholders, “What’s the ROI of our content program?”

Content distribution can help you answer that question and more.

Content Distribution FastPass with The Juice 🧃

Sign up here

We’ve spent the last several months going through a messaging boot camp to make sure we were communicating exactly what we did to the market the right way. 

Here’s the foundational statement that we landed on: 

The Juice is the content curation platform for B2B marketing and sales professionals, and the distribution channel for brands who want to reach them.
We help professionals grow by connecting them with modern resources from trusted brands. We equip brands to reach relevant audiences, with no additional work.

There was a lot of back and forth during these sessions. The loudest that I got was when I spoke up saying that we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t describe ourselves as a distribution channel for brands. 

Want to know the reason why I felt so strong about this? 

I have been using The Juice alongside Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack communities, and industry connections to distribute our content every day that we have a new piece drops. This is every article, podcast episode, eBook, and every YouTube video.

I prioritize The Juice as a distribution channel not just because I work here, but it’s my highest quality audience. 

Here’s some stats:

That’s not just nearly 1,200 anybodys. That’s 1,200 sales and marketing professionals who get access to our content every time that we distribute a new piece on The Juice. It’s the right people gaining access to our content at the right time. That means that our followers get notified in a daily digest wherever a new piece of content drops.

Example of a Daily Digest delivered to your followers

The quality of the audience is on point, but it’s more than that. In August we launched Intent Signals to help modern day marketers like you: 

A snapshot of Intent Signals on The Juice

We’ve all been in that moment where we distribute our new piece of content through a new channel and have absolutely no idea who saw it, consumed it, or how it performed. That changes with Intent Signals. It’s been amazing for me as a creator to have account-level details on what brands are engaging in our pieces. Intent Signals can be the bridge for productive account planning sessions with your sales team where your content begins to lead the way. 

I can go on for days about content distribution on The Juice, but will instead introduce you to an offer that we are launching today. Welcome to Content Distribution FastPass powered by The Juice. 

The first 10 brands who qualify will get access to distribute your latest content piece on The Juice in front of a premium audience of sales and marketing professionals for free. A few days later we will provide you with an Intent Signals report to show you what accounts in your ICP you reached and what type of roles are consuming your content. 

We want to promote content distribution. We want to become the premium channel marketers use to get their content seen by the right audience at the right time. We want to give you access to content distribution on The Juice for free because we want you to see it for yourself.

Space is limited to 10. First come first serve. 

Looking to get started or to test a new channel for your content? 

Sign up for Content Distribution FastPass powered by The Juice today. 🧃

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