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Avoid Internet Purgatory: Create Content Network Effects

Jonathan Gandolf

June 7, 2022

Avoid Internet Purgatory: Create Content Network Effects

We (B2B Marketers) have all been there, done that.

We (myself included) spend a lot of time, energy, effort, and resources crafting a piece of content we’re really proud of. 

Launch day. 

Post it to your website, promote it on social channels, share it internally, email it to your list of subscribers, and mayyyybe even pay to promote the piece. 

Then…the same thing two or three days later. And then again after that. 

With each cycle of new content, the piece you were so proud of a week ago loses relevancy, gets pushed down your website, and is now living out its lifecycle in internet purgatory. 

That is, you’re not promoting it. It’s not ranking. And your audience or prospective audience isn’t finding you or it. If a content piece falls in a forest and nobody reads it, does it make an impact? 

This is the “content hamster wheel” I refer to often. The only way to get more returns out of our existing audience is new, new, new. There’s a better way. Just like when an artist publishes a new album, Netflix a new movie, or real estate gets listed on the the market…there are platforms that link these items to the right audiences ongoing. 

That’s The Juice for B2B Content. 

When you publish content, with no additional lift, we add it to our platform, distribute it to your followers. 

Then, based on the engagement, we are able to re-distribute the content to members of our platform that look like your followers. We are able to share it in communities, during events, with individual creators, and in search results. 

That’s the power of B2B content network effects that has so sorely been missing from the old-school B2B Marketing playbook. 

We (myself included, again) have defaulted to the path of least resistance. New content, create a form, capture a lead, disqualify the lead, lose trust with your sales team, and…repeat. 

I’ll stop short of saying that we’ve removed the Marketing from “B2B Marketing.” We’ve removed inspiration. We’ve lost creativity. There are no network effects.

This month, we’re launching with a community that is leaning into network effects through content and community. 

Pavilion is now live on The Juice. Pavilion is a private membership for high-growth professionals, providing the support you need to get you where you want to go. 

We’re excited to partner with Pavilion because of how they think about content. They involve their community members in collaboration, they empower their creators to be in market championing their vision, they create courses that have lasting value, they host events that are repurposed into content. 

They inspire, educate, entertain, and inform. 

And they lean into the network effects of community and content to continue to grow. 

There is no internet purgatory with their content. They are constantly evolving, repurposing, and redistributing.

Want to be inspired by their community and their creator. Check it out for yourself on The Juice

Not a member yet? Join The Juice and start learning from creators and brands who are pushing B2B forward. 🧃

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