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How to Run Laps Around Your Competition with Content Distribution [Upcoming Digital Event]

Brett McGrath

October 26, 2022

How to Run Laps Around Your Competition with Content Distribution [Upcoming Digital Event]

I realized that there was a pretty substantial trend occurring about 3 months into my tenure at The Juice. I set out on an exploration to talk with as many B2B marketers as I could to identify changes, roadblocks, and themes that were happening across their functions. These conversations became the catalyst for the Modern Day Marketer podcast. My biggest observation was that there was a passionate segment of marketers that were tired of status quo B2B marketing. These marketers were thinking outside the box and were finding exciting ways to push the brands who employed them forward. The most important theme that I kept picking up in these conversations was that modern day marketers were tired of being stuck on the content hamster wheel and creating for machines. Content distribution became the solution that marketers were turning to, but so many were still trying to figure it out. 

My curiosity around content distribution peaked with each conversation. I brought what I was learning to The Juice’s content strategy. Most importantly, I brought what I was learning back to our product team because it helped validate The Juice's vision. A big part of the vision at The Juice is to be a distribution channel for brands who want to connect with their future customers through content. It’s been exciting to watch that vision take shape, but it still very much feels like we are getting started. 

I can’t remember a topic in B2B marketing that I’ve been more fascinated by over the last several years than content distribution. The topic of distribution is the number one topic that I talk with marketers about regularly. Everyone knows they need to focus more time on it but can’t seem to hit the eject button from the content hamster wheel that they are currently on. These conversations haven’t stopped for almost 2 years. Recently, I hit a wall and decided it was time to do more than write another article, host another podcast episode, or talk about content distribution in our newsletter. There were enough questions and curiosities around content distribution that it was time to host some sort of digital event and curate some of the best voices in B2B who were doing it right. I decided to write the brief, select the voices, and then create the topics. I’m pumped to announce that we will be hosting How to Run Laps Around Your Competition with Content Distribution on November 17th at 1:00 pm est. I am going to use the rest of this post to share the brief, the people, and topics they will discuss. If you are feeling stuck with getting your content in front of the right people at the right time this is the event for you. 

This is why we are hosting this event 

It wasn’t long ago that content marketing was the new shiny object in B2B marketing circles. Marketing teams would hire their first content marketer to fuel their inbound strategy and it worked! Content marketing was bringing future customers to our digital doorsteps at a rate that validated marketing’s investment in content. 

Content marketing’s success led to content marketing’s growth and teams started to form. B2B marketing teams turned into content factories churning out several new pieces of content each week. The hamster wheel approach to content marketing worked until everyone started to do it. 

Here are some numbers that we can’t get out of our minds:

🧃Forrester stated $119 B was spent by CMOs on content marketing in 2021

🧃High Alpha did a poll and 60% of marketers said they create a new piece of content each day

🧃There’s nearly 10,000 Martech companies with content marketing teams on Scott Brinker’s 2022 Martech landscape

The rise of content marketing in B2B is a great thing, right? 

…not so fast. 

The content factory mindset across B2B has left our audiences overwhelmed. The people who we are building for are on content overload. The result is most of the content that we publish goes unseen and ends up in internet purgatory

Instead of taking the archaic, content factory approach to production it’s time for all creators and brands to be more mindful of how content distribution becomes a primary focus of their marketing strategy. There’s a seismic shift happening in content marketing and great content distribution is helping brands separate. 

These are the people who are going to help us level up on content distribution

  1. Nick Bennett: Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing at Alyce 

I spoke with Nick in May about how he created a new role for himself at Alyce. A big reason why he was able to create his new role was because his team saw the power of individuals as a distribution channel for brands. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t open up my LinkedIn feed and see Nick sharing new ideas, perspectives, and content with his audience. There’s always a ton of engagement on each of his posts and engages in dialogue with anyone who stops by. 

Nick is the definition of a modern day marketer who is going to tackle “The Power of Individuals As Your Brand’s Number 1 Distribution Channel” during this event. 

You’ll want to tune in if you want to learn more about: 

  1. Leah Friedman: Director, Content Marketing at Guru 

Leah was one of the first marketers that I met with when I started at The Juice. Her approach to how she ran content for Guru was refreshing and loved how much she stressed making sure internal teams were as much aware of new content as the external people she was trying to reach.  

Leah is going to discuss, “Marketing From the Inside Out: The Importance of Internal Content Distribution” 

You’ll want to tune in if you want to learn more about: 

  1. Hiba Amin: Senior Marketing Manager at TestBox 

Hiba is a magnet in online communities. I’ve been amazed at watching her not only launch a new piece of content in these groups, but use it as a catalyst to start conversation. She’s process oriented, brand focused, and always providing value with each post that I see. 

Hiba is going to be discussing, “The Art of Launching Your Brand’s Content with Online Communities”. This is a topic that any modern day marketer could level up on…including myself! 

You’ll want to tune in if you want to learn more about: 

  1. John Bonini: Director of Marketing at Databox 

I had been following John from afar and recently got the chance to meet him. In our first conversation he schooled me on how to use insights from our content to fuel a distribution strategy. He was so passionate about distribution that I knew I needed to record an episode of Modern Day Marketer with him and invite him to be part of this event. 

John will be discussing, “Avoiding Link Dumping and Embracing Repurposing” 

You’ll want to tune in if you want to learn more about: 

I am so excited to facilitate a conversation with this amazing group around content distribution. If you are looking to level up your distribution strategy and be part of the conversion you will not want to miss this event. Don’t forget to register.

P.S. I promise you that your competition is not doing a percentage of what you will learn at this event. It’s time to use content distribution to run laps around them. 🧃

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