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How to Answer "What's the ROI of Our Content Marketing Program?" [Digital Event]

Brett McGrath

February 21, 2023

How to Answer "What's the ROI of Our Content Marketing Program?" [Digital Event]

“What’s the ROI of our content program?”

This is a question that anyone in a content marketing role has faced at some point in their career. It’s a defining moment for content marketers because it’s our moment to overcome doubt.

Once the chills settle at the end of our spine, we take a deep breath and start to plan our response. We feel like we’re defending something bigger than our role as we start digging in.

Most of the time getting to the answer is a challenge.

There’s a myriad of factors that can display impact, but we all know that our boss’ boss wants to know how our content impacts our pipeline. She wants to know how our content impacts sourced revenue. Anything else…well it’s just going to be viewed as fluff.

If we screw up the response it could mean a lack of faith in content marketing.

Content champions are made not only by the content that we produce, but also how we can communicate the impact of our work with broader teams.

A couple weeks ago, we dropped an episode with Jeff Coyle at MarketMuse about this question and tried to understand how we can not only address it, but start to predict the ROI from our content.

He’s a believer that our content should be viewed as a dossier for internal and external audiences. He places a strong emphasis on hit and success rates, avoiding shortcuts, and mastering repurposing.

The Juice team has learned a ton from our customers about content ROI as we prepare to launch Smarter Distribution for brands later this March. We’re finding ways to not only help marketers tie their content to influence and sourced revenue, but also help them understand the story behind it. 

The last several months as a B2B marketer has been interesting to say the least. Changes outside of our control have caused a pullback of resources, headcount, and support for our marketing teams. We’re being asked to do more with less and goals are bigger than ever before. The brand activities that made us stand out are being put on hold and the pressure to deliver leads, pipeline, and new sales has turned up. The content marketing programs we built to get attention, drive awareness, and create interest are being scrutinized because of the struggle to tie that work to revenue related outcomes. Instead of spending time producing, publishing, and distributing content with confidence we are wasting time defending the value of the content that elevates our brand. 

Understanding the value of our content marketing programs has been a subject that has unfolded online, 1:1 conversations with other marketers, and through recordings of Modern Day Marketer. It felt like the right time to contribute more to the conversation and that’s why we’ve decided to put on a digital event around the content ROI topic. We’re hosting How to Answer, “What’s the ROI of Our Content Marketing Program?” on March 9 at 1:00 pm et. We’ll be hosting 4 different burst sessions with subject matter experts to help us all better answer the ROI question around our content with confidence. 

These are the people who are going to help us level up on content ROI 

One of the most important skills of the modern day marketer is content facilitation. It takes amazing thinkers with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills to create great content. The group of marketers that have been selected to help us answer the ROI question about our content has been intentional. Each individual will address a specific topic that will offer context for how we should be thinking about aligning our content with revenue moving forward. 

We’re all trying to find a way to assess the impact of our content on revenue without a bunch of extra work. I’m excited to share the individuals who will help us level up on March 9th. 


  1. Amrita Mathur, VP of Marketing at Superside 

Topic: Trade-offs Between Immediate and Long-term Conversion with Content 

You’ll want to tune in to learn more about: 

Further listening:

  1. Thomas Peham, VP of Marketing at Storyblok 

Topic: How to Grow Pipeline with Content 

You’ll want to tune in to learn more about: 

  1. Nate Turner, Co-founder and CEO at Ten Speed

Topic: How to Maximize the Value of Your Content 

You’ll want to tune in to learn more about: 

  1. Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and CEO at GTM Partners

Topic: How Content Can Help Connect a Broken GTM Strategy 

You’ll want to tune in to learn more about: 

I am so excited to facilitate a conversation with this amazing group about content ROI. If you are looking to level up your content strategy and be part of the conversation you will not want to miss this event. Don’t forget to register.🧃

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