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Finding Marketing Therapy By Hosting a Podcast and Launching a New Newsletter

Brett McGrath

January 11, 2023

Finding Marketing Therapy By Hosting a Podcast and Launching a New Newsletter

We’re all treading trying to keep our head above water as we enter a new year of earning trust, growing our audience, creating content, distributing content, and helping our sales team build pipeline. The goals are being set and modern day marketers abound are in the process of trying to figure out how we allocate the right resources to hit our goals. 

Sound familiar? 

A lot changed over the last several months.  There’s been people transition, budget pullback, and bigger goals put on us than ever before. We’ve entered a mode that forces us to do more with less. We’re trudging through new terrain and charting a new path that has never existed before. It’s that whole pushing a boulder up a mountain analogy, but each step we take we’re extra cautious that we don’t step on a landmine. 

Many of us have less support on our team than ever before. We had a budget and people to protect us from taking the wrong step.  We’ve entered a moment in time where we’ve lost support when we need it most. I’m not talking about the kind of support that proof reads your article before it drops, creates graphics for you, or even edits your last podcast episode. I’m talking about people who are in the exact same position as you and can offer advice. 

I’ve been leading marketing at The Juice for the last 2 years. It’s been fun and the last thing it’s been is easy. I don’t have an unlimited budget. I don’t have a team full of functional owners. I don’t have a technology stack that can do all of the work for me. The best part of all of the “don’t haves” is that I don’t have anxiety about how in the hell I am going to get my stuff done. During the craziest time in my career I found myself at the most peace. I’ve reflected on how this is even possible and I’ve found the answer. 

The reason is because I host Modern Day Marketer

I had never really thought about it until I was on holiday. I get free consulting, advice, and marketing therapy by hosting a new marketer on the podcast each week. The benefit is that I’m not alone. I hope that anyone who tunes in (thank you to all the listeners) feels the same way that I do. I spent some time earlier this week dropping an episode discussing the history of the show and what we are planning to do in 2023. 

We’re going to continue to host outside the box marketers who can help you level up in your role every Friday in 2023. Also, we are excited to announce that each episode will accompanied by a new companion piece: The Modern Day Marketer Newsletter (subscribe today 🧃). We’re sunsetting our previous newsletter “The Blend” to dedicate 100% of our focus on helping elevate modern day marketers who are looking for ways to get better.

Here’s how we are planning on doing it!

Why We Think You Should Subscribe to the Modern Day Marketer Newsletter 🧃


People remember stories. 

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to get our future customers to remember how fast or “revolutionary” our product is after a pitch. Feature positioning vanishes from their minds as soon as the next Zoom meeting begins. A good story builds resonance that can occupy prime real estate in the minds of the people who we are trying to reach. 

The pursuit of great storytelling doesn’t happen overnight. Also, as B2B marketers we don’t need to do it alone either. I’ve hosted 195 conversations on the Modern Day Marketer podcast (196 comes out tomorrow and it’s a banger). 

Some stories have been personal, but most have been shared by others.  These stories benefit our guests, audience, and our team.  Stories can be your differentiator this year. 

You can expect a lot of first account storytelling from me to kick off the newsletter each week. I like to use 90’s pop culture references, music, and movies to get my point across. My goal is for the reader to leave each week and learn at least one thing while feeling nostalgic. 

Featured Content 

The biggest thing that I want to avoid with the launch of the Modern Day Marketer Newsletter is just sharing our content and perspective that we are creating at The Juice. Yes, it’s likely that I’ll be writing a lot about content distribution and sharing some of our previous work to support the points, but I am going to be mindful of the newsletter reading like a brochure to use The Juice. 

We’ve got many modern day brands using The Juice to distribute their content to our audience of 10,000 sales and marketing professionals. The modern day marketers behind these teams are in the habit of creating quality content with intention. In my role as the primary curator of the newsletter I am going to be sharing content from brands on our platform that is deeply resonating with me. 

Want a sneak preview of a piece that I found amazing? 

🧃Check out The Seller Experience by Spiff 

If you want to learn more about how you can distribute your content on The Juice and end up in Modern Day Marketer you can talk with our team


We want to use all of the data on our platform to help you level up in 2023. 

Here are some of the type of nuggets that we are talking about: 

🧃15% of all pieces that sales folks used on The Juice in 2022 had "template" in the title. That’s double our average across the platform.

🧃68% of "ultimate guide" readers are below director level.

🧃Top sales resources were more likely to have celebrity or cultural references in the images or titles compared to marketing resources. 

We want to be able to share with you synthesized data that can actually help you create and distribute more efficiently and effectively. We will be integrating data into the newsletter in the coming weeks.

If you want a preview of what it might look and sound like you can check out a new video series that we are publishing in partnership with Motion called Slice & Dice

We hope you’ll not only join us, but also provide feedback along the way. 

The more that we can activate the voices of our peers this year the more value we will all receive as we try to tackle our beefy priorities in 2023. 

Want to stay informed on how B2B marketers are leveling up in 2023? Sign up for the Modern Day Marketer newsletter and get new content built for you every Friday. 🧃

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