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Content Distribution Live: Building a Culture Around Content Distribution [Register Today]

Brett McGrath

April 25, 2023

Content Distribution Live: Building a Culture Around Content Distribution [Register Today]

Earlier this month we launched a brand new virtual event series from The Juice called Content Distribution Live. The goal of this series is simple. Content Distribution Live sets out to extinguish the content factory mindset and inspire creators on how they can truly differentiate from their competition by doubling down on content distribution.  

The first guest of the first episode was Justin Simon. He’s one of my favorite minds on all things content distribution and wanted him to tackle how to find growth with a content distribution first approach. 

After I listened back to the conversation I left with answers to the following questions about content distribution from Justin: 

🧃What are the core elements that make up a successful content distribution strategy?

🧃How should we be evaluating channels that we spend time on?

🧃What are 3 primary benefits of a distribution approach to content?

🧃What are signals that we should look for to know when it’s working? How should we be thinking about the ROI?

When this series was in concept mode it had me excited. Now that we’ve got one in the can I am extra motivated to continue the momentum around all things content distribution. That’s why I am excited to announce that we’ve got episode 2 locked down and pumped up to be able to announce it now. 

On May 11 at 11 am est we’ll be hosting Content Distribution Live Episode 2 with Ali Schwanke, CEO & Founder at Simple Strat. Ali is one of my favorite marketers to follow. Her and her team are expert HubSpot consultants, content creators, and masters of adopting content distribution as a strategy to differentiate. I learn so much from each social post, new video, or article that she creates that she’s the perfect fit to keep the Content Distribution Live train rolling in the right direction. She was a guest on Modern Day Marketer last year where she discussed the role of marketing leaders, founders, and CEOs in the creation and distribution of content. 

Leadership plays a critical role in the proliferation of content distribution inside brands. Content distribution takes time, energy, and resources and in many cases buy-in from our leaders. Ali is able to lead by example within Simple Strat. She chooses to be the company’s face and personality because she believes trust and personality are what distinguishes businesses. 

On the next episode of Content Distribution Live she’ll help explain how marketers can build a culture around content distribution. Whether you’re a leader looking to change your marketer’s mindset on how to rethink content your content strategy or an individual contributor looking to push change with content distribution this episode is for you. 

You’ll leave with answers to the following questions. 

🧃What kind of opportunities are ahead for marketers who embrace content distribution right now?

🧃How does the individual creator and their following play a role in successful content distribution strategies? 

🧃How do we get buy-in from our stakeholders and teammates around distribution? 

🧃What are signals that indicate that your team not only has a healthy “content culture”, but one where distribution plays a primary role 

If you’re thinking about content distribution, just getting started, or even consider yourself an expert there will be value gained by registering for Content Distribution Live today. 🧃

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