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Building momentum like a Modern Day Marketer 

Brett McGrath

August 31, 2021

Building momentum like a Modern Day Marketer 

Two weeks ago we officially launched The Juice into the content marketing universe. 

We did all of the things most B2B companies do when they are launching something into the market that they serve.

✅Did the press release thing

✅Went HAM on social media 

✅Communicated the news to stakeholders 

✅Hosted a party 

I could not have been more impressed by not only how prepared our team was on launch day, but also how ready our audience was to give feedback. It feels like each conversation, post, or new sign up on The Juice has led to another opportunity.  

The number one question that I’ve asked myself throughout this journey has been the following: 

How do we take what we’ve learned from the launch and keep the momentum going? 

We started by launching Content Playlists the next day.

We started promoting B2B brands' ability to claim their page (Don’t see yours? Request it here

We made it a priority to be timely for any new requests that were coming through. 

We believe there are even more things that we can deliver from a product perspective to keep the momentum alive, but is that enough?

Recently, I’ve been a guest on CoSchedule’s Actionable Marketing Podcast and ABM Conversations with Yaagneshwaran Ganesh discussing my point of view on the content marketing landscape in B2B. When I get the opportunity to be on someone else’s podcast I try to articulate the problem that we are solving and why I think it’s important to their audiences. 

I try to avoid getting into the features and functionality about The Juice.

My goal is for their audience to understand my core beliefs and philosophy as a B2B marketer. I want people to understand that I’ve been guilty of some of the things that I am trying to solve for today. Above all else I want people to trust what I am saying during these conversations. 

If I can develop alignment and trust with individuals by telling my story then there is a higher likelihood that they will go visit The Juice after they get done listening to the conversation to see what we are all about. 

If you are reading this then you are likely a B2B marketer or someone who works in a go-to-market function. Someone whose job it is to get others to believe in the problem that you are solving and the product that you are building. You are an individual who is in the momentum building game. 

We all have the same questions: 

How can we build momentum? 

How can we differentiate?   

How can we build our brand so things just happen? 

The quickest way to find the answer to all of the above is to ask yourself the most important question of them all: 

What would the Modern Day Marketer do? 

The Modern Day Marketer is our hero at The Juice. I dropped a post last week defining this individual and sharing 30+ that I’ve learned from them since joining The Juice. 

The Modern Day Marketer is transparent and shows their work. 

That’s what I am going to do here in hopes that someone reading this post will learn something about things that worked from a brand perspective on how to build momentum before, during, and after you launch.

Building momentum like a Modern Day Marketer 

1. Tell your audience what you are doing 

It doesn’t matter what industry that you work in. It doesn’t matter what role that you are in.

The most important quality that we can offer our audience is transparency. People want to buy from people who they trust. My title might be VP of Marketing, but the primary role that I play with our audience is trust builder.

I want you to know what I’m about. 

I want you to know what our company stands for. 

I want to give you a peek behind the scenes and let you know how it all goes down.

That’s why we decided to launch a 5-part episode series on the 3C Podcast called, “Using Community to Launch a B2B Martech Company” to create momentum around  our company launch. Every Monday we dropped a new episode and covered the following topics: 

We didn’t want for you to guess what we are working on.

We wanted to share it in a way to let you know who we are and also give you something to think about when you are planning your next launch.

I’m excited about how the series turned out and continue to get feedback on it. 

Modern Day Marketers understand that the most effective way to win the hearts and minds of your audience is to always be honest and obsess over providing value. 

Start showing your work. This will help drive engagement and can be the start of a heavy dose of momentum for your brand. 

2. Make it a “we” thing and launch with your audience

I think one of the smartest tactics of most Modern Day Marketers is the openness to work on content with other marketers. Content collaboration is a great way to build relationships, understand topics that matter, and build a brand. 

When I first started at The Juice I knew that I needed to be an expert at content facilitation in order to be effective in my role. I’ve been in B2B marketing my entire career, but it has been nearly a decade since I’ve been in the MarTech space. 

I jumped on Twitter, became a member of marketing Slack groups, and I started conversations. These conversations led to new ideas on topics. These topics lead to content collaboration opportunities. There’s no way our launch would have been as impactful as it went without building these relationships. 

I dropped a post last week called, Taking notes and building community with Modern Day Marketers last week. I’ve had nearly 100 conversations in the last 8 months and 30+ have turned into content opportunities. 

These were the individuals I reached out to on launch day for support. 

These are the individuals who have tapped me on the shoulder to be on their show.

Building winning content partnerships is a premium trait of the Modern Day Marketer. 

It’s a move away from the volume game. A strategy that is never sustainable. 

It’s a move into building trust, relationship, and content that will pay dividends over time. 

3. Host an event and give others the microphone 

Lindsay Tjepkema (CEO - Casted), Holly Enneking (VP, Marketing - Lev), and Devin Bramhall (CEO - Animalz)

Hosting a launch event isn’t anything innovative. Marketers have been throwing bangers to celebrate the launch of companies and products since the dot-com days. 

But, hosting an event based on the past year felt special.

The Juice was built and started remotely. I joined the team as employee number 2 or 3 (Alaina and I need to have a coinflip about this) right at the start of the new year. Everyone was working from home and we learned to align virtually. 

I met people online and these relationships blossomed through Zoom. 

This was all fine and good, but when the opportunity presented itself to host marketers for an event in real life we jumped all over it. The event was fantastic and it was great seeing people again. The best part about this event was that it wasn’t necessarily about us. We might have gone too hard in that direction when I was writing a thank you email explaining what we did again. 

The event was more about the content marketing community and we treated it as such. We got together and put together a badass panel of content marketing experts who shared their point of view during a Fireside Chat hosted by High Alpha Partner, Kristian Andersen.

This panel included: 

This conversation was great because it wasn’t about features or product. It was about the changing landscape of content marketing. We played the role of facilitator and pulled some amazing ideas to the forefront, which provided value to any content marketer in attendance. 

The ripple effect of this panel and event experience continue today. 

This leads to new sign ups, more curiosity, and a brand new content opportunities ahead. 

Momentum isn’t something that happens overnight. 

It takes the right message and community to build.

The best place to start is to study the Modern Day Marketer.

You’ll find some direction on where to begin. 

This has been a tremendous guiding post for me. 

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do a couple things:

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