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10 Questions for your Content Syndication Dealer

Brett McGrath

June 19, 2023

10 Questions for your Content Syndication Dealer

We’re going 10 rounds with traditional content syndication. We’re not stopping until our opponent is laying down on the mat staring up at the lights. We stepped into the squared circle last week when we launched Revenue Impact to help marketers unlock the ROI of your content marketing program. It’s like content syndication, but with actual ROI and results. 

A few highlights from the launch:

🧃Customers using Revenue Impact are seeing a 480% ROI from content that they’ve already created 

🧃This quote from Leah Byrd, Senior Manager of Integrated Campaign is too good to not share again 

Also, Leah dropped by Modern Day Marketer to discuss why she believes Revenue Impact is the alternative to content syndication that we’ve all been waiting for. 

🧃Revenue Impact integrates directly into Salesforce and HubSpot to show real pipeline and revenue attributed to the distribution of your content on The Juice  

Revenue Impact gives the marketer the power to share: 

Traditional content syndication is transactional, ineffective, and creates a greater separation between you and your sales team. I quit traditional content syndication cold turkey years ago because I got tired of wasting my sales team’s time on low quality leads that hardly fit within our ICP. There will always be a challenge with breaking bad habits. The traditional content syndication withdrawal symptoms are minor. You might feel anxious about your lead quantity diminishing, but you’ll quickly get energized when you begin to see that the door opens for a more quality pipeline. 

We understand that the jump away from traditional content syndication to Smarter Distribution with The Juice might feel like a risk during one of the most uncertain times in the history of being a B2B marketer. That’s why we’ve decided to build 10 Questions for your Content Syndication Dealer for you to use for the next time you decide to hit up your syndication dealer for another CSV file of low quality leads that will just end up wasting your favorite sales rep’s time. 

Time to take off the gloves and help your sales team realize that real revenue can come from blog posts. 

Want to learn more about how you can quit paying for leads that fall into a black hole and start using your content to invest in pipeline that converts? Schedule a demo and learn more for The Juice team. 🧃

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