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Launching Revenue Impact to Help Marketers Unlock the ROI of Your Content Marketing Program

Brett McGrath

June 12, 2023

Launching Revenue Impact to Help Marketers Unlock the ROI of Your Content Marketing Program

Traditional content syndication is the old way. 

It would be disingenuous of me to talk smack against traditional content syndication without first fully admitting to being a former user. I had a bad habit of using traditional content syndication  during my work as a demand generation marketer. I was responsible for driving sale’s pipeline on the global campaigns team and traditional content syndication helped give me a quick fix to my number. We didn’t talk about content distribution back then, but one of my primary responsibilities was to make sure I was getting all of our new content in front of the right people. My approach to distribution was heavy on getting creative with our owned channels, but also fueled by a paid strategy. My safety net every quarter was to call up my content syndication dealer and spend $10k or more with him because I knew there were going to be results to share after the campaign. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the CSV file of “leads” that I was receiving from my investment was actually doing me more harm than good. 

There are moments as a marketer that you just don’t forget. I had uploaded the latest CSV file to our CRM, hit refresh on the dashboard, and saw our lead volume for the quarter skyrocket. I thought I was winning until the next morning when I received a message from the sales director requesting a conversation about the latest “leads” his team was responsible for working. I was completely oblivious to what was about to come next, but I’ll never forget the words that followed: 

“Brett, these leads suck. I’m not even sure we can call these leads. What did these people actually do? None of them even know who we are!”

That moment in time was a rock bottom for me as a marketer, but more importantly a critical learning experience. It taught me that chasing vanity metrics can negatively impact relationships with our sales stakeholders and cause more brand damage than good. Traditional content syndication is the catalyst for transactional marketing and primary producer of vanity metrics. 

We’re releasing Revenue Impact by The Juice today because we believe there is a better way to invest in content syndication without lighting your marketing budget on fire. It’s like content syndication, but with actual ROI and results. We’re picking a fight with traditional content syndication because we think there’s a better way to invest your time, energy, and resources. Revenue Impact is the way to help your sales team realize that real revenue can come from blog posts. Finally, modern content distribution is how we make our next customer feel more than just another name in a CSV file. 

🧃4 Steps to Build Brand Affinity and High Quality Matches with Revenue Impact 

We’re all about doing more showing than telling when we launch a new product.  The launch of Revenue Impact is why we feel more confident than ever letting modern day marketers know that the alternative to traditional content syndication has arrived. It’s time to pass data to your sales team that they actually want. Here’s how we’re doing it at The Juice. 

🧃Step 1: Distribute 

Brand Page on The Juice

Smarter Distribution is all about getting your content in front of the right audience. One of the greatest differences between Smarter Distribution and traditional content syndication is the relationship formed between your content and the audience. Traditional content syndication is transactional. Third party platforms blast out a one-time email to a group of people who kind of look like your ICP, but never convert. In contrast, The Juice is constantly building an ongoing relationship with your ideal buyer, growing this audience, and nurturing those relationships by giving them unlimited access to your content. 

Smarter Distribution helps you get your content in the feed of your ideal buyer

Whenever you publish a new piece of content (e.g. blog post, podcast episode, video, template, webinar, etc.) The Juice shares your content with the right people at the right time with no additional lift from you. This means extending the life of your content by making sure your content reaches the eyes of the users that are likely to visit your website. 

🧃Step 2: Integrate 

We know that the CSV file that you’re getting from traditional content syndication isn’t helping. Revenue Impact is real data, with real next steps, and real dollars attached. In order to best display the impact that your content is making, The Juice integrates directly into industry leading CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Intent Signals from The Juice in Salesforce

The Juice will show you the impact of your content directly in the place where your sales team monitors the most. You’ll be able to display: 

This is our way of not only telling you that The Juice is more impactful than traditional content syndication, but also give you the results to prove it! 

🧃Step 3: Act 

Traditional content syndication creates silos between marketing and sales. The sales team wants to act when they see a high volume of leads come through, however, quickly realize it’s a waste of time when none of those leads are quality matches. 

The Juice's Integration with HubSpot

The Juice allows you to turn data from your content engagement into action. Every Friday, the Engaged Brands Report is delivered to your inbox. Below are 3 of our favorite ways The Juice turns data into actionable intelligence.

  1. Add account matches to your Marketing Automation workflow 
  2. Use premium messaging to communicate with your followers (currently in beta, launching soon!)
  3. Regular review with the sales team to alter ABM and outbound efforts

Other use cases from The Juice’s customers include: lead scoring, lead generation, and influencing advertising efforts. 

🧃Step 4: Report

I want you to visualize the reporting that’s in the CSV file that you get from your content syndication dealer. There might be a column that gives you clicks. You might have another that gives you email opens. How does that really help out your sales team?

The knockout punch to traditional content syndication is the power behind the reporting that Revenue Impact offers. Think of it as your one-stop shop to view how your content pieces are impacting real revenue for your sales team. 

Revenue Impact Dashboard

Stuck being able to communicate the actual value of your content program to your stakeholders? 

Revenue Impact gives the marketer the power to share: 

Reporting offered by Revenue Impact will help you better tell the story of how your content is not only making a difference in your marketing program, but also how it’s driving real business results. 

Are you exhausted by paying for leads that fall into a black hole and want to start using your content to invest in a pipeline that converts? 

Book some time with The Juice team to learn more about how we can help you unlock the ROI of your content marketing program with Revenue Impact. 🧃

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