Why don't more B2B companies share pricing? Because they can't.

Yes, this is our pricing. Why are we sharing it here? Because we drive 500% ROI and  back it up with data.

Content Distribution

Starting at $15,000 /yr

content distribution

Content Category Ownership

Starting at $35,000/yr

Topic ownership

Looking for the best way to get your brand's content in front of the right customers at the right time?

  • Get discovered through your own verified brand page and launch campaign.

  • Automatically distribute content to your unique ideal customer profile.

  • Integrate your CRM and The Juice will provide persona analytics data and the revenue impact of your content.

Are you looking for data to guide your content creation? As a Content Intelligence customer you’ll get:

  • All the distribution benefits from being a Content Distribution Partner, PLUS...

  • A Creator Page for your team's evangelist

  • Persona analytics and content coaching using The Juice's exclusive data

  • A special feature of your top creator on the Modern Day Marketer podcast

Want to be the first brand people think of when they consider your category?

Interested in partnering on exclusive, Juice data-driven reports and events?

  • All the benefits from being a Content Intelligence Partner, PLUS...

  • The featured placement on a Topic Page that aligns with your brand's category

  • Topic page intent signals for your sales team

  • A collaborative Trends Report, Virtual Event, & other content creation

The Juice drives pipeline.
Hear it from a VP of Digital Marketing.

"I was in no way going into the relationship thinking it was going to create pipeline. I thought it would just influence other channels, but we've now seen pipeline directly created from The Juice, open opportunities, deal acceleration, and value being created. I haven't seen it from other content syndication or distribution channels."

Molly Clarke

VP of Marketing - Digital, Spiff

“We love The Juice’s Intent Signals. They tell us if our content is resonating with our ICP and we even test or create unique content based on what’s resonating with this community specifically. Enriching our Salesforce with these signals means we can create unique experiences through our nurtures and sales process.”

Elizabeth Irvine

VP Marketing, MarketMuse

“Anytime we can connect the effort that our team is putting in with something like revenue it's always HUGE, so all of this is very exciting because it is giving us validation for what we’re doing.”

Megan Noel

Director of Marketing, Trava

“We've tried content syndication platforms in the past but nothing ever seemed to resonate. The audiences were too broad and it was hard for people to find our stuff. The Juice makes it so much easier for people looking for great content on a specific subject or from a brand to find what they need.”

Leah Friedman

Director of Content Marketing, Guru

“We’re gathering data from top-performing content across the platform, which has been super helpful. It helps us look at it for content strategy inspiration and try new experiments.”

Ali Schwanke

CEO/Founder, Simple Strat

“The right message, at the right time, to the right person – and personalized – is always something marketers talk about, but not something that is always executed in a succinct way. The Juice solves that challenge.”

Brittany Geisler

Marketing Manager, Cordial

Frequently asked questions

Who uses The Juice?

Primarily B2B marketing and sales pros. 50% are director level and above.

How does The Juice send account-level data to my sales team?

We integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot. We also use these integrations to calculate the revenue impact of your content on The Juice.

What kind of results can I expect?

Customers see an average 390% ROI using content they already produce.

How do you sync with our website?

We create and manage content sources on our backend and run daily refreshes that check those sources for any new content. Some are as simple as connecting with your blog’s RSS feed, but we also accommodate all other content types, even those not hosted on your website like videos on YouTube, podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, etc. We can work with ungated and gated content.