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Make The Juice your content distribution strategy. The Juice is the best content distribution platform for B2B marketers targeting sales professionals or other marketers.

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Customers see a 480% ROI using content they already produce.

With no additional lift from your team, The Juice distributes your content to an engaged marketing and sales audience, reaching ideal audiences easier, and reports back on sourced revenue.

Create focus for your content with smarter distribution.

It’s all about getting your content in front of the right audience. We’ll share your content with the right people at the right time. Reach more of the right type of people without any additional lift; we do all of the searching and sending for you.

Enjoy faster growth.

Increase brand awareness, quality website traffic and the size of your audience. The quantity of your website traffic isn’t enough, you need visitors of high quality. The Juice helps brands by sharing your content with your ideal customers that are likely to visit your website.

Dig into actionable data that will lead to breakthroughs.

Access unique data that allows you to strengthen the quality and impact of your entire content program. Intent Signals from The Juice allow brands to experience more efficient demand generation and alignment with your sales team. We help brands identify new opportunities for connecting with the right audience, supporting both growth and revenues teams.

“We're able to measure referral traffic (from The Juice) and tie that number back to demo requests which is more than we could ever ask for. As a marketer, my primary goal is to create valuable content and put that content in front of the right people. The Juice happens to give us more information on who those people are than any other platform we use to share our content and that's been incredibly helpful in forming our content strategy.”

Molly Clarke

VP of Marketing - Digital, Spiff

“We love The Juice’s Intent Signals. They tell us if our content is resonating with our ICP and we even test or create unique content based on what’s resonating with this community specifically. Enriching our Salesforce with these signals means we can create unique experiences through our nurtures and sales process.”

Elizabeth Irvine

VP Marketing, MarketMuse

“We’re gathering data from top-performing content across the platform, which has been super helpful. It helps us look at it for content strategy inspiration and try new experiments.”

Ali Schwanke

CEO/Founder, Simple Strat

“The right message, at the right time, to the right person – and personalized – is always something marketers talk about, but not something that is always executed in a succinct way. The Juice solves that challenge.”

Brittany Geisler

Marketing Manager, Cordial

“Anytime we can connect the effort that our team is putting in with something like revenue it's always HUGE, so all of this is very exciting because it is giving us validation for what we’re doing.”

Megan Noel

Director of Marketing, Trava

“We've tried content syndication platforms in the past but nothing ever seemed to resonate. The audiences were too broad and it was hard for people to find our stuff. The Juice makes it so much easier for people looking for great content on a specific subject or from a brand to find what they need.”

Leah Friedman

Director of Content Marketing, Guru

Start distributing your content today.

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Modern Content Distribution Strategy

The role of the B2B marketer is more challenging today than it has been in a long time. The current state of the economy isn’t just something we see on the news. We feel it every time we see our budgets cut, people transition out, and results lessen. It’s a tough time and we are all being asked to do more with less.

It feels like the focus has shifted from building your brand to driving conversion overnight. We can feel the pressure from our boss and boss’ boss. It feels like we are all operating on skates just waiting for the next big wind to come through to knock us all down. It sucks, but what are we going to do?

It’s easy to fall back on transactional tactics.

We're talking about the types of things we’d invest in 5 years ago because we got sent a CSV file of “leads” that helped us check a box. It didn’t matter that these “leads” wasted our sales team's time because the arrow on our lead dashboard was up and to the right.

Vanity metrics only satisfy a short term feeling and the ripple effects can be costly.

Most marketers are being asked to do more with less right now.

Instead of reverting back to the status quo there’s opportunity to create pipeline breakthroughs by experimenting with modern strategies like content distribution.  

Your competition probably isn’t doing it so now is the time to experiment.

Do you want to be cost efficient with how you create a quality pipeline for your sales team?

Start with a content distribution strategy.

What's in a content distribution strategy?

Adopting a content distribution strategy is a commitment to a culture shift with how you promote your content. It takes thought, research, and great copywriting to execute. It shouldn’t be mistaken for content syndication either. In fact, it’s anti-content syndication. Having a content distribution strategy forces creators to think critically about the channel and then customize messaging around that piece for specific audience members. Executing a fruitful content distribution strategy takes time. It’s not about generating a bunch of bad leads that you can upload to your CRM and call it a day. It’s all about the mindfulness it puts on the consumer and the trust you will establish along the way.

A content distribution strategy has 3 main components:

🧃Content distribution channels
🧃Content distribution tactic
🧃Content distribution tools

Content Distribution Channels

There are infinite channels for marketers to use for content distribution. Channel selection is a hallmark of any content distribution strategy because it forces marketers to focus. Content distribution is not a batch and blast strategy. Spending time researching quality channels where your audience is going to learn is a requirement for meaningful distribution. Start with 2 or 3 channels, listen to the conversations, and find opportunities to be helpful with content.

B2B content distribution channels include (but are not limited to!):

🧃The Juice
🧃Tik Tok
🧃Email newsletters
🧃In-person events
🧃Digital events

Content Distribution Tactics

Content distribution is all about being on offense with the content that you create. It’s the art of finding communities, groups, and other channels where your future customers hang out and helping them answer the questions with content that you’ve built.

B2B content distribution tactics include (but are not limited to!):

🧃Updating and redistributing old content
🧃Using paid media to put content in front of the target audience
🧃Collaborating with B2B partners to distribute to their audience
🧃Posting content on owned channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
🧃Joining and sharing content in communities

Content Distribution Tools

Selecting the right content distribution tools can help streamline your process and get your content closer to the people who you are trying to reach. Once you have your strategy, channel selection, and tactics in place, finding the right tools can help you level up.

B2B content distribution tools include (but are not limited to!):

🧃The Juice
🧃Paid media accounts (FB Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)
🧃Organic social media softwares like Sprout Social, Buffer, etc.
🧃Content planning and scheduling tools like CoSchedule

Content Distribution Strategy Examples

At The Juice, we spent last year investing more energy in content distribution than ever before. Content distribution has helped create a content culture at The Juice. It’s about maximizing each piece of content that we create. It’s about getting that content in front of the right people at the right time. It’s about understanding how our customers think about distributing their content on The Juice.

We’re doubling down on content distribution by taking some more big swings in 2023.

Here are our content distribution examples:

Newsletter Sponsorships

First,  it’s important to clarify what we don’t mean by newsletter sponsorships.

Remember when you were scrambling to hit your lead total and you’d get emails about third party sponsorship opportunities?
Typically, the companies reaching out had a generic name and a clunky website. The only thing that mattered in this era of sponsorships is that they promised you an amount of leads that you could take back to your boss and call the investment a success. We bit because we were desperate. We’d upload the “leads” in salesforce, assign them to sales, and then hope no sales pros put us on trial for how much these “leads” really sucked.

We aren’t talking about transactional sponsorships. We're talking about brand sponsorship that drives conversion because trust has already been established. We’re in the era of Newsletters 2.0 in B2B. It’s not about investing in a sponsorship that feels like a transaction. It's about investing in a sponsorship that aligns with our mission and has an audience to back it up. It’s about finding the right people and platforms who’ve built their audience the right way and always try to give back to them. There is no better opportunity to extend your brand, distribute your content, and test offers than to invest in these trust agents who can help shine a positive light on your company.

Digital Events

We’re not calling them webinars. Most people don't really want to sit through a traditional webinar anymore.

Digital events are a rebrand for webinars, but the opportunity is so much more. If you create a compelling topic, curate a great group of presenters, and distribute it the right way the right people will show up. We are just coming off the heels of our most successful event ever.

Almost 450 marketers signed up and several of those  have already led to sales conversations.

The key is to be intentional with channel promotion. If you treat each channel the same then you likely won’t return great results. Also, your content distribution gets put on steroids once you are able to effectively empower your presenters to share in the message. Events are great fuel for content distribution. If you do them consistently and do them right then you get invited to participate in other marketers events outside of your own.

The Juice

You didn’t think you could make it out of this article without us plugging our own stuff, did you?

We’re a content distribution company, after all!

The Juice is home to thousands of B2B marketing and sales professionals who use our platform to grow professionally. The platform is designed to be a premium distribution channel for brands who create kick ass content and want to reach our audience. We like to drink our own juice. Every time we distribute a new piece of content on The Juice it’s seen in moments by the nearly 1300+ followers of our brand page. Followers receive digest emails that include new content from all the brands that they follow. This is our way of helping enhance the member experience through curation while also giving brands access to quality placement. You can think of it as content distribution software.

The Juice offers the quality and accessibility that no other content distribution network can match for B2B marketing and sales brands.

Want to learn more about how your brand can use The Juice for content distribution?  Now is your time to rethink how you can use content to connect with your next customer.

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