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What We Learned from the Top Content of March 2024

Jonathan Gandolf

April 4, 2024

What We Learned from the Top Content of March 2024

Taking a macro view of content marketing is one of our favorite things at The Juice. Our platform, which has over 500,000 pieces of content and over 70,000 users, provides a unique blend of data that we can review for our own use and to coach our customers. 

At the end of the month, it’s always nice to pause and look in the rearview mirror to see what’s trending, what’s popular, and what’s working. This month, we’re deciding to share the most popular content with you. Below are the Top 10 pieces of content from March. 

But first, a few themes we noticed: 

Without further adieu, here is the Top 10 Most Popular pieces of content from March: 

1. How to Build Strategic Marketing Content  

From: Duct Tape Marketing 

In this AI forward world you need to create content that builds trust and fosters long-term relationships with your audience. It's about turning your brand into a beacon of knowledge and reliability in your industry. So, how do we navigate this journey? This guide dives deep into the world of content marketing, tailored specifically for agencies and small business owners.

2. BOFU Content that Drives Pipeline: Masterclass

From: RevGenius

Struggling with BOFU content formats and showing clear ROI from content pieces? Been there, done that – that's why we're bringing you a first-of-its-kind masterclass with Lashay Lewis, a content strategist specializing in BOFU content.

3. The People-First Advantage

From: TACK

Out with the old, in with the new. The world is changing fast-and so is B2B GTM.

Since Nick and I launched TACK in 2023, we've been on a mission to change the way people think about GTM. Gone are the days of transactional, company-first tactics. Today's buyers want a different experience-one rooted in people and human relationships.

4. Boost ROI By Improving Social Media For SaaS In 2024

From: Bay Leaf Digital 

SaaS social media marketing is a critical channel for acquiring potential buyers. Explore how to achieve results with social media for saas.

5. Content Strategy is Inevitable

From: Content Workshop

Juice It Content Summary Powered by copy.ai: 

Content is king, but only with a solid strategy! This epic blog lays out the infinity stones you need to crush your content game. First, assemble an SEO strategy to conquer Google's search realm. Next, wield the soul stone by crafting compelling stories that entertain, inspire and educate. And don't fear the rise of AI - incorporate it wisely as a visionary brainstorming sidekick. With these cosmic content powers combined, you'll stand out amidst the infinite scroll and target your audience with surgical precision. Thanos had the wrong idea - true inevitability comes from an unstoppable content strategy! Suit up, marketers!

6. 23 Content Optimization Tools Every Content Marketer Should Know

From: Compose.ly 

Uncover 23 content optimization tools designed for content marketers, including plans and features that can help you boost your SEO content performance.

7. How Do Private Search Engines Impact Advertisers?

From: Brave

More and more people are switching to private search engines like Brave Search, and away from Big Tech options like Google. But how do these private options affect advertisers? Can private search show useful ads, protect users, and support the continued operation of the search engine itself? In this article, a discussion of how private search engines impact ads and advertisers.

8. Why we should set higher standards for content production

From: Kalyna Marketing 

Most online content feels like stale crackers.

Sure, it hits the spot. If you're starving, it might help you feel less weak in the knees for a while. But then you will use that cracker-induced burst of energy to get yourself to some good food. As fast as possible.

9. Transforming Sales Development with AI: A Complete Guide

From: copy.ai

Curious how sales development has changed since the arrival of AI? Read this to learn how to leverage current tools for high growth.

10. 10 AI Writing Prompts in Content Marketing 

From: Sprinklr

Elevate your content game by harnessing the power of AI writing prompts to engage, inspire and captivate your social media audience.

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