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Welcome to The 3C Podcast

Brett McGrath

July 13, 2021

Welcome to The 3C Podcast

Today we are launching our podcast.

The 3C Podcast.

Curating Content Creators.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time typing about how I think it’s going to help transform your content marketing strategy or how it will give you inspiration on how to generate hundreds of new leads for your business. There’s plenty of other marketing podcasts that can help you do that.

I am here this Monday morning to make a couple of promises to you:

  1. We will drop two new episodes every week
  2. The goal is that they will educate and entertain 

Monday’s episode will be about the work we are putting in to fix the problem that the ability to create content has surpassed our ability to effectively distribute and discover content. Friday’s episode will be with a marketer to discuss how they are solving this problem.

If you are landing on this page and care about leveling up your content strategy then The 3C Podcast is going to be for you.

Things that we will discuss: 

How to put some strategy behind your content distribution 

How to earn attention and operate differently than any other marketer in your space 

How to use content marketing to build your damn brand in crowded markets 

I’m fired up to bring you these episodes and am going to ask you to do 2 things if you are landing on this page in the early days.

Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you consume fine audio content. I’m going to pour a lot of passion into this project and want you coming back for more.

If you know or maybe you are a badass content marketer and want to be featured shoot me a message on Twitter. I’m sourcing my network to bring on the best and brightest guests in B2B marketing. 

The launch episode is with our CEO, Jonathan Gandolf. I chose Jonathan because I want early adopters to understand who the people are behind the company and gain some perspective of what we are about. 

Let us know what you think. We are excited that you are here from the jump. 

If you want to join the waitlist with other people tired of getting unhelpful content delivered to their inbox you drop in your email on this page. We won't spam you, but we will send you content that will help you level up when we go live.

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