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The State of the B2B Podcast Listener [Report is Live]

Brett McGrath

September 18, 2023

The State of the B2B Podcast Listener [Report is Live]

We spent the first 2 years of creating content at The Juice completely focused on sharing our narrative. We wanted to be able to express our point of view and other like-minded individuals through content streams like Modern Day Marketer. Starting a podcast was one of the first decisions that we made as a company and haven’t looked back since. We’ve released 253 episodes under the Modern Day Marketer umbrella. We’ve curated stories from other marketers on what they’re doing to break through in an era where it feels like most everyone is running the same playbook. The podcast medium has helped us streamline content, build relationships, and in some instances create new customers. Podcasts have been so critical to how we’ve built our brand at The Juice that we decided that it would be interesting to better understand the individuals listening on the other side. When we started to dig into this process we realized that this wouldn’t just benefit us, but could benefit anyone who currently has a podcast or might be thinking about creating one.We started to explore one question intimately. 

What do consumers really want from a branded podcast?

The best way for us to help answer these questions was to look at data inside The Juice and create content from what we found. When we started to explore the data we found 17,278 podcast episodes from 316 brands that were on The Juice that our members were engaging with on a daily basis.  The process to create The State of the B2B Podcast Listener report has been amazing. The report is full of awesome data that will help inform podcast hosts and creators about how you can give your listeners and future listeners what they really want from your content. In fact, we paired the report with a digital event to talk through some of the data with some of my favorite podcast marketers in the space. 

Today, we share The State of the B2B Podcast Listener report. 

In this report you’ll learn: 

I want to thank our friends at CoHost and Quill for their collaboration and sponsorship of The State of the B2B Podcast Listener. We hope that you enjoy it and use the data to give your audience what they’re looking for from your brand and a medium that they love. 

If you’re looking for ways to better understand the listeners you are trying to reach with your podcast or other content you’re creating you won’t want to miss this. Register for The Juice’s next event today. 🧃

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