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The State of the B2B Podcast Listener [Digital Event]

Brett McGrath

September 12, 2023

The State of the B2B Podcast Listener [Digital Event]

What do consumers really want from branded B2B podcasts? 

This is a question that I’ve been seeking ever since we started Modern Day Marketer nearly 2.5 years ago.  I could write a book on the benefits of podcasting. I’m a big believer that the podcast medium does 3 things really well that can help up-level your brand: 

  1. Podcasts give your brand an opportunity to consistently share it’s point of view on the most important topics that your future customers have in their minds 
  2. Podcasts help you streamline your content to create several different pieces that can power your content distribution efforts 
  3. Podcasts give you an opportunity to connect with people and brands who you likely wouldn’t have the business talking with otherwise 

Modern Day Marketer has checked all of these boxes at The Juice and then some. I’ve built a network through the podcast that has been critical to my personal development and the show has helped us win customers along the way. Podcasts can help your brand jump levels if you’re focused and consistent with your delivery. 

Right now there are 17,278 podcast episodes from 316 B2B brands on The Juice. Podcasts aren’t new to B2B marketing, but it’s still a space with so much opportunity to make noise. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop creating through the podcast medium, but my desire does answer the question of “What do consumers really want from branded B2B podcasts?” has only intensified. 

We’re releasing a report next week to help answer this question. The process to create The State of the B2B Podcast Listener report has been amazing. The report is full of awesome data that will help inform podcast hosts and creators about how you can give your listeners and future listeners what they really want from your content. In fact, we paired the report with a digital event to talk through some of the data with some of my favorite podcast marketers in the space. 

The Juice will host The State of the B2B Podcast Listener digital event on September 27 at 1 pm et which will serve as a companion piece to the report. Join Fatima Zaidi (Founder and CEO at Quill / CoHost), Tristan Pelligrino (Co-founder at Motion and Marketers in Demand and Co-Owner at New North), and Margaret Kelsey (Founder, Marketing Advisor at TatCo and Co-host of "Don't Say Content") to dive into data from the report and help us understand what our listeners really want from the podcasts that we create.

If you’re looking for ways to better understand the listeners you are trying to reach with your podcast or other content you’re creating you won’t want to miss this. Register for The Juice’s next event today. 🧃

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