The State of Business Growth in 2024 [Guest Post]

Jonathan Gandolf

March 21, 2024

The State of Business Growth in 2024 [Guest Post]

I love our customers. 

They make me smarter, and they make The Juice better. We learn from them as we support them. A great example is Keap’s The State of Business Growth in 2024. Now unlocked on The Juice!

Recent market shifts, such as AI and remote work, have changed buyer behavior. The most successful businesses are adapting their marketing approaches and investing in AI, process automation, partnerships, and software.

This report outlines how growing businesses are thinking about the market and investing in their growth. It’s an incredible, data-driven deep dive. 

Here are a few personal takeaways:

These are just a few of the many highlights.

Find out what small businesses like yours are doing to adapt and thrive in today’s economy. The 2024 State of Business Growth report reveals how recent market shifts impact small businesses, what strategies set teams who achieved their 2023 goals apart from those who did not, and action plans to inform your 2024 goals.

See the full report from our friends at Keap here. 

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