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The Modern Day Marketer's Guide to Turning Down the Volume Game and Turning Up Quality Content [eBook]

Brett McGrath

November 30, 2021

The Modern Day Marketer's Guide to Turning Down the Volume Game and Turning Up Quality Content [eBook]

Today, we launch a new compilation piece with and for The Modern Day Marketer. 

Instead of putting this eBook behind a form, driving you to request a demo of The Juice, and then following up with you until you opt-out of our communication I figured it might be more helpful to give you some context on why we put this piece together. 

The deliverable is about why we believe quality content matters more now than the quantity of content that you produce.

How about some stats?

These are all stats that the team at The Juice has been using in marketing presentations, investor calls, and sales conversations to help illustrate the point that we no longer have a content production problem. We have a quality and distribution problem.

We’ve spent so much time believing that the best approach to our content marketing strategy is to create more. If we create more content and publish the content at 8:30 AM each day then the search algorithms will give our content priority. If we have priority then we will rank higher and then more eyeballs will see our content. 

What’s lost in this content factory worker mindset is who we are creating for.

We’ve spent too much time writing for machines over people. I’ve been guilty of this for many years and did not see the light until I started speaking with new Modern Day Marketers every week for a year. I’ll never forget hosting our launch event at High Alpha HQ in Indianapolis. We hosted a panel discussion with a group of Modern Day Marketers and they went to war against the volume game in B2B marketing. I reflected on that conversation along with so many others as inspiration.  

I hope you enjoy The Modern Day Marketer’s Guide to Turning Down the Volume Game and Turning Up Quality Content. This guide includes passionate perspectives from 14 Modern Day Marketers in B2B that I am learning from. If you are looking for additional context for this piece I dropped a quick episode on the 3C Podcast this week to talk through it. 

This guide is for the individual who feels stuck in the status quo. This is for the marketer who is running the same playbook that got their bosses’ boss promoted. It’s for the aspiring Modern Day Marketer who has a strong conviction that quality content marketing can be the catalyst for the right kind of change in B2B marketing.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this piece and the Modern Day Marketers movement along the way.

We are just getting started.

Oh yeah make sure you join The Juice to enjoy more content from Modern Day Marketers without having to fill out those lousy marketing forms. 🧃

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