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The Juice Wrapped - the most popular content for sales pros in 2021 🧃

Alaina Thompson

January 5, 2022

The Juice Wrapped - the most popular content for sales pros in 2021 🧃

At the end of December, we shared with you the most popular content on The Juice for Marketers in 2021. Today, it’s time for the Sales lists!

Why are we doing this? 

We all want to know what’s popular with other professionals like us. 

What podcasts are they listening to? 

What reports are they referencing? 

What videos are they watching? 

Popularity is obviously NOT everything. 

And our long-term vision for The Juice is NOT to just surface what’s popular with the MOST people. 

We ultimately want to show professionals the content that’s most relevant to THEM, not necessarily to everyone else. 

BUT there’s a lot to be gleaned from a data-driven list of popular content. Members of The Juice have told me that seeing what’s popular with lots of other professionals helps them “keep a pulse” on what’s going on in our industry. I feel the same way.

Without further ado, The Most Popular Content for Sales Pros in 2021 🧃

Most Popular Articles for Sales Pros

Most Popular eBooks for Sales Pros

Most Popular Podcast Episodes for Sales Pros

Most Popular Reports for Sales Pros

Most Popular Toolkits for Sales Pros

Most Popular Videos for Sales Pros

And here are some of our team’s favorites that weren’t the most popular with everyone, but were certainly popular with us:

Kate, Sales - 12 Sales Discovery Questions To Pinpoint Real Pain

Mindy, Sales - SDR Superhero Episode 1: Phil Clark @ Guru

Kat, Customer Success - The Ultimate Guide to Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Methodology

Our lists are based on member engagement data. 

We weighted some intent signals more heavily than others. For example, when someone Favorites a piece of content, we weigh that more highly than just clicking to see a piece of content or bookmarking it for later. 

Alongside the raw data surfacing the most popular pieces, we did some selective removals. 

We did not allow a single brand to be listed twice on the same list. 

This is just a small way of us aiming to introduce you all to more brands while also helping prevent the brands who have more money and thus bigger content teams to have all of the spotlight. 

It’s also worth noting that we just launched The Juice platform in July 2021. And some brands that are on The Juice now, just got on the platform in the last few months. So, a brand that’s been on The Juice since July would have a higher probability of member engagement and thus ranking than a brand who launched on The Juice in November. 

That’s it, folks! 🧃

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