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The Juice Launches One-Minute B2B Content Summaries

Jonathan Gandolf

May 1, 2024

The Juice Launches One-Minute B2B Content Summaries

Since the launch of The Juice in 2021, our users have asked for the TL;DR version of content. 

That is, they’ve told us they want to consume more content to help grow their career and grow their business but B2B Content is too d*mn long. They don’t have time. 

In partnership with, The Juice is changing this. 

Yesterday, we launched the “Juice It!” button. Across our platform, you can click the “🧃Summarize” or “🧃Juice it” button for a one minute summary of the content. 

The summary will include all of the key insights, data points, and takeaways from your favorite piece of content. 

Check it out:

Click Summarize in your feed and email digests to receive one-minute summaries

On a content details page, click "Juice it" to receive one-minute summaries

The Juice has now summarized nearly 10,000 pieces of content, saving our users a total of 65,000 minutes. That’s nearly 45 days worth of time saved. 

Finding and learning from your favorite brands, creators, and communities has never been easier or faster. 

As consumer expectations have changed, marketers are also looking for ways to create more “snackable” content. We believe the Juice It feature helps start this process for marketers who can also use these summaries for newsletter copy, ad copy, social copy, or internal enablement. 

To view examples of summarized content, check out our fresh playlist from some of our favorite brands:

See the full playlist here

This partnership with is a win for content consumers and creators alike. 

That’s more Juice, less squeeze. Instead of TL;DR, it’s now TL;Juice it for B2B content creators and consumers. 

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