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The Juice Launches Category Pages, Powered by G2, to Help Buyers Make Better and More Informed Decisions

Brett McGrath

September 6, 2022

The Juice Launches Category Pages, Powered by G2, to Help Buyers Make Better and More Informed Decisions


The Juice Launches Category Pages, Powered by G2, to Help Buyers Make Better and More Informed Decisions

As B2B buying processes grow in complexity, the ability to find helpful content is becoming more difficult. Category Pages help busy B2B professionals find the right content at the right time. 

INDIANAPOLIS, September 8, 2022 - The Juice, a business-to-business (B2B) content curation platform and distribution channel, is launching Category Pages. With over 6,200 users and more than 500 brands, the platform has partnered with G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace, to help organize over 100,000 pieces of B2B content.

The B2B buying process is growing in complexity. Marketing content and user reviews are two of the most important elements during this decision making process. According to G2’s Software Buyer Behavior Report, 67% of companies usually engage a salesperson only after they have already made a purchase decision. Providing relevant reviews and information during this is critical in helping buyers make better decisions. 

"B2B buyers, myself included, are tired of convoluted and confusing sales processes. We want the information curated for us. It’s the experience we’re used to as consumers and it’s time we bring that experience to the B2B space,” said Jonathan Gandolf, Founder & CEO of The Juice. “G2 is a leader in software reviews and we’re excited to be partnering with their technology to bring curated content into the buying process."

The Juice’s Category Pages organize 100,000+ resources. These resources are organized according to G2’s taxonomy. Whether you’re marking a purchasing decision or looking to learn more on a specific topic, The Juice users can now browse content by category. 

For brands, Category Pages offer premium placement for their content. Their future customers are actively researching topics on The Juice. Now, they can be confident their content is being discovered at the right time by the right people.

“We know that buyers do a significant amount of research online before going directly to a brand, and they move quickly,” said Christine Li, VP of Partnerships at G2. “Having educational, trusted, and easy-to-access branded content enables not only brand credibility, but also buyers' independent research and education. By partnering with The Juice, we’re able to bring the depth and breadth of G2 categories to the crowded world of content marketing, making it more digestible and efficient. This will make for a better research process for B2B buyers, as well as an improved sales process for software vendors."

Today, The Juice has launched 20 category pages. The platform will be releasing new categories into the future. Since launching in August of 2021, over 6,200 sales and marketing professionals have already signed up to use The Juice. The platform offers free profiles that empower members to receive content recommendations unique to their role and industry. In total, there are over 100,000 resources on the platform, free to access.

“Having a presence on The Juice and on G2 is a no-brainer. As marketers, we know our buyers are accustomed to using G2 to research products before they purchase new technology. The Juice helps us kickstart that research process even sooner by getting our content in front of people who may not be in a buying mindset yet,” said Molly Clarke, VP of Digital Marketing at Spiff. “This allows us to educate and familiarize prospects with the pain points we solve on a platform they're already using to consume business content. The Juice essentially gives us a neutral space to provide value to our ideal buyers sooner and more effectively.”

To learn more about Category Pages, visit app.thejuicehq.com/categories

Create a free profile The Juice here: app.thejuicehq.com/registration/new

​​Check out the Category Pages that have launched: Account-Based Data, Account-Based Marketing, Attribution, Buyer Intent Data Tools, Collaboration & Productivity, Commerce, Content Creation, Content Management, Content Marketing, Event Management, Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing, Marketing, Sales, Sales Acceleration, Sales Enablement, Sales Intelligence, Sales Performance Management, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Technology Research Services

About The Juice: 

The Juice is the content curation platform for B2B marketing and sales professionals, and the distribution channel for brands who want to reach them. We help professionals grow by connecting them with modern resources from trusted brands. We equip brands to reach relevant audiences, with no additional work.

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