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The Friday Concentrate #6: All Dressed Up for the Ball with Nowhere To Go

Jonathan Gandolf

January 18, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #6: All Dressed Up for the Ball with Nowhere To Go

I’m a marketer at my core. Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse. 

I really love messaging but am always tinkering with good, looking for perfection. 

Throughout my career, I’ve found that listening is the best way to update messaging. A good messaging exercise should start with a listening tour: your employees, your prospects, your partners, your customers, and your competitors. 

At The Juice, we are in the early stages and always looking to improve our messaging. Our product and market are both evolving as we build. This means our messaging is evolving with it. 

Several weeks ago, on a call with a prospect, they nailed our messaging better than we have ever been able to. 

“Our content is all dressed up for the ball with nowhere to go.” 

That is what we do. 

We take your content (which is beautifully dressed, by the way) to the ball. I’ve never been a great dancer (trust me) but we can make your content dance. 

You’re producing great content but you’re taking it to the same places and same audiences over and over again. Let’s take it to the ball! 

💃 We pair your content with an engaged audience that is looking for content (your dance partner)

🔟 We rate your dance moves with real data. What should you keep doing and what should you keep at home

🧑‍🏫 With data from our platform we can tell you exactly what content (dance moves) you should keep doing or start doing. We’re your custom dance instructor. 

It’s 2024, you’re working on your content calendar, and it’s time to dance. 

If you’re interested in learning more, let our team know and we can prepare the chariot. 

Bring The Juice, 


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