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The Friday Concentrate #5: Why Data Democratization Matters and the Impact on GTM

Brett McGrath

January 11, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #5: Why Data Democratization Matters and the Impact on GTM

I’ve entered my 14th year of service as a marketer in B2B SaaS. I’ve seen a lot of change and have tried to figure out how to do marketing in several different verticals. I’ve worked with teams both big and small. I’ve been a guy who’s in the office everyday and also been a part of a team that started a company working remotely during the pandemic. It doesn’t matter the era, industry, or work environment there’s always consistent issues between marketing and sales. 

The 2 biggest issues that fracture the relationship between marketing and sales are: 

I was having a conversation with another marketer in the community this week where we were discussing the solution to these issues. She passionately shared why she believes data democratization is the way to solve existing problems within GTM teams. The conversation was so good that we’ve decided to record an episode of Modern Day Marketer coming to you soon. 

Unfamiliar with data democratization? 

The foundation of data democratization is around transparency. Data democratization strives to elevate data based decisions from outside leadership meetings, the boardroom, or investor conversations and presented directly to the individual contributors on the ground floor tasked with producing the results. 

When data is communicated effectively and easily accessible the work between sales and marketing improves. Teams move from not understanding data to creating a culture around making data-driven decisions. When you create a culture around data-driven decisions you’re making a decision to also improve the collaboration between cross-functional teams. 

Data democratization helps GTM professionals being to: 

🧃Set transparent goals between marketing and sales that are easily understood

🧃Consider how to start sharing product data to internal teams and customers

🧃Inspire marketing to use data in the content they’re creating 

We all want to build and work for winning cultures. We’re team oriented people and thrive in environments where the opportunity to collaborate is front and center. The way that we break existing systems and start working together effectively is to elevate the role of data. 

Communication will improve dramatically and you’ll start winning more. 

Take care,

Brett McGrath 

VP of Marketing, The Juice 🧃

P.S. I share a lot of data from The Juice on LinkedIn, too. Feel free to connect with me and drop a note.

The State of Gated vs Ungated Content Report

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Join Andy Binkley, CMO at Tourial, Lindsay McGuire, Associate Director of Content & Campaigns at Goldcast, Molly Clarke, VP of Digital Marketing at Spiff, and our very own Jonathan Gandolf, CEO of The Juice on January 25 at 1 PM est for ways to think about delivering content experiences that resonate with your audience in 2024. 

🧃Register for the event 

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