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The Friday Concentrate #3: Making Content a Product at Your Company 

Brett McGrath

December 14, 2023

The Friday Concentrate #3: Making Content a Product at Your Company 

It’s really easy to say B2B content sucks. One of the first content campaigns we did at The Juice was about why B2B content sucked and highlighted the people who were trying to fix it.  

Marketers have gotten into a really bad habit of writing for machines and not people. To make matters even worse marketers are using AI machines so they can write for more machines more quickly. The end product is junk and all I can hear is Jon Bon Jovi screaming, “You give content a bad name”. 

Because the perception exists that B2B content sucks it makes it impossible to get cross functional teams like sales and customer success bought into content. If your content is lifeless the response of your go-to-market team will be to ignore it. Sales people care about hitting their goals and making as much money as possible. If your content sucks then your sales team will just treat it like a transaction and decline it. 

Content should never be treated as a transaction. Content should be treated as a product. 

Treating your content like a product means building resources that answer questions that are deep in the hearts and minds of your customers and future customers. To understand the right questions to answer we need to unite marketing, sales, customer success, and even product. When we get cross-functional teams together on the front end of content everyone buys into the content because everyone is a part of the content.

We dropped The State of Gated vs Ungated Content Report yesterday. I could have never have written this report without:

The launch felt just like a new product release because our team was a part of it, cares, and views the report as a product.

Building great content can’t be done in isolation or with full reliance on machines. 

Before you create your next piece of content, think about it like you’re releasing a new product. 

The first step might be as easy as letting the people you work with know about it before it goes live.

Take care,

Brett McGrath 

VP of Marketing, The Juice 🧃

P.S. I share a lot of data from The Juice on LinkedIn, too. Feel free to connect with me.

The State of Gated vs Ungated Content Report

We analyzed the 300K+ pieces of content on our platform to understand how gated and ungated content performs. We share a few incredible data points in the report. A sampling: 

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Defining the 3 Axioms of Content Marketing with Tommy Walker of The Content Studio

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Does AI E-E-A-T? Maximizing Productivity Without Sacrificing Authority from MarketMuse 

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