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The Friday Concentrate #25: Don’t Overcomplicate It

Jonathan Gandolf

June 7, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #25: Don’t Overcomplicate It

I love talking about hot (marketing) gossip. What’s new? What’s trending? What’s a fad? What’s the sexy thought leadership cliché of the day? 

It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s emotional. 

It doesn’t always work. 

We’re now five episodes into our re-launched podcast, The Content Cocktail Hour, and while each podcast has had a different theme, the common thread is to keep it simple. 

In Episode 2, we discussed the simplicity of Out-Of-Home Advertising with Greg Wise. It’s old school, tactile, straightforward, and works. 

In Episode 3, Kelly Hopping, CMO of Demandbase, talked about how so much of the marketing industry overcomplicates Account-Based Marketing. It’s about making your sales team happy. Plain and simple. In this episode, there was also a fun example of marketers getting in their own way. So many companies are trying to rename and rank for different names of ABM. Do you know what the number ranked term is in that space by a huge factor? ABM. Show up where your people are…simple. 

In Episode 4, we discussed how a simple mindset shift could drive better results than any type of sales process or overengineered sales cycle. Add some soul to your sales efforts! 

Our most recent episode was with Pranav Piyush, Founder and CEO of Paramark. He’s one of the foremost experts in measuring marketing impact. Paramark has created an incredibly powerful way to help enterprise businesses be sure they’re investing the right marketing dollars in the right places. His advice? Get started in a simple spreadsheet. 

Ironically, I was reminded of how successful simple can be when we published this podcast: 

We knew from our own data that Content Distribution is one of our audiences’ favorite topics so that is where we focused our recent episode. 


We made sure the topic was crystal clear in the title of the episode. 

And we distributed it where we have our strongest audience, which fortunately for us, is our platform. 

Then we watched the results roll in. Over 500 engagements in less than a week. 

It’s jarringly simple. We have great data, we created quality content, and we put it in front of our audience. This is a simple formula regardless of the tools you are using. 

In this chaotic AI era, getting distracted by shiny objects is easier than ever. It’s easy to overthink and overcomplicate your efforts. It often doesn’t work. 

I’m reminded of great artists, chefs, and authors who say their greatest skill is restraint. 

I encourage you to slow down and see what works. Simplify so that you can move fast.

Until next time,


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