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The Friday Concentrate #24: Trust Your Gut

Jonathan Gandolf

May 30, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #24: Trust Your Gut

It’s not zero-sum. You can make data-driven decisions, and you can also make decisions that are driven by instinct. Your gut instinct. 

It’s a major lesson I’ve learned along the entrepreneurship journey. 

Too often, because my “gut” doesn’t fit into a spreadsheet, I’m slow to act on instinct. The truth is that instinct comes from lived experiences and is data, even if it doesn’t fit in a spreadsheet. Those experiences should carry weight and be trusted in making decisions.

If you trust your gut and it’s right, you’ll move faster. 

If you trust your gut and it’s wrong, you’ll learn faster (and probably gather some quantitative data along the way). 

I think the same can be said for marketers. There’s never been more pressure on marketers to measure every move. That doesn’t mean that you should be paralyzed by “data-driven decisions.” If you have the experience and you’ve built the trust with your team, … do your homework and trust your gut. 

Speed wins. 

You should still use data. Lots of it, when you have it. But don’t discount your experience because it doesn’t fit in an =If,then formula. 

A similar theme came up in a conversation with Bill Caskey on a recent episode of The Content Cocktail Hour. 

"Salespeople know a lot, and yet that knowledge gets impacted. It just sits dormant inside us. But if you're in sales today, you have stories, you have assets that are underused. Start using your damn assets."

He then used the word “soul.” 

Does your sales process have “soul”? Or is it a process-driven checkbox with carefully defined exit criteria and qualification steps? It should have both. 

Whether it’s your gut, it’s your story, or it’s your soul, put it to use. 

We could all use a little more of it. 

Until next week, 


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