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The Friday Concentrate #23: Is Transactional So Bad?

Jonathan Gandolf

May 24, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #23: Is Transactional So Bad?

I got a new car last weekend. 

And woof, what a terrible experience.

And technically, I wasn’t even buying a new car. I was turning in a lease for, hopefully, the exact same care I already have. It took about 8 hours and three different dealerships! 

You know the song and dance. Nobody says a number out loud. The dealership quotes you an outrageous price. You tell them how outrageous it is, threaten to go buy from a different dealership, and slowly whittle them down to a price point that you still don’t trust but will accept. 

I did it all. 

But it reminded me of a feeling I’ve felt in a lot of our own sales conversations—both as sellers and buyers. Our most successful relationships have been very clear right up front. 

In an era of community-led growth, partner-led growth, near bound, allbound, and every other B2B buzzword, “transactional” has a negative connotation. 

And I’m not sure why. 

I love transactional. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s efficient. Is it warm and fuzzy? Not necessarily but it’s productive. What’s in it for you, what’s in it for me, does it make sense for both of us? Let’s go! 

The Juice is at a stage where pricing and packaging are still fast and flexible. We’ve updated packaging approximately one million times, and we thought we nailed it with about 98% of those updates. We’re finally starting to learn. 

Simplicity. No fancy words for what we say we do. Only simple words for what you receive. Not four options but one option. Crystal clear. 

It’s fast. It’s transactional. 

And it’s been well received. 

Everything is hard right now. Let’s not make it more difficult on each other. Transactional doesn’t have to mean cold. It doesn’t mean that you can’t build a strong relationship, but let’s be crystal clear in how we buy and sell. 

Here’s to more transactions for everybody this summer. 

Until next time, 


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