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The Friday Concentrate #21: MVA is the new MVP

Jonathan Gandolf

May 10, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #21: MVA is the new MVP

I can’t take credit for this one. That should go to Mark Kilens and Nick Bennett, Co-Founders of TACK

Yesterday, while we were recording a soon-to-be-released podcast episode, Mark mentioned the value of an MVA. 

That is, a Minimally Viable Audience. Traditionally, software development and businesses have started with a Minimally Viable Product. That is all changing. With the rise of communities, social networking, influencers, and partnerships, building an audience is just as important as a product. 

For Mark and Nick, this is at the core of People-First GTM

“People-first GTM is business strategy that uses storytelling, relationships, and partnerships to create, capture, and convert demand into revenue. It’s designed to put people at the center of every interaction and experience.”

And I think they’re on to something. Before even building a product, it’s critical to find the audience for which you are building it. That is your MVA. From this, you’ll learn more about their pain points, their willingness to buy, and potentially the size of the market. This will make building your MVP that much more efficient. It will be a more collaborative effort and a more collaborative company. And most importantly, a more valuable business. 

Here are three ways we (unintentionally) built an MVA at The Juice: 

  1. Communities: Where do your people hang out? Go hang out with them. That doesn’t mean selling them. Participate in the conversation—give more than you get. You’ll learn, make a few friends, and likely find a few prospects along the way. For us, that meant communities like Superpath, ClubPF, RevGenius, and Pavilion.

  2. Interviews: We talked to 100 marketers in 100 days before building anything. We wanted to validate their pain point and validate our vision. Without a formal beta program, some people in this audience helped inform and opted into our beta program! 

  1. Customers: I think treating your first customers as a community is critical, both figuratively and literally. Help them learn from each other, and be sure you listen to them. The first 100 customers are a critical audience.  

This process never stops. Audience building and community building are valuable no matter the stage of your business or your product. If you’re lucky (and smart) enough, you can very intentionally build an audience ahead of product. 

A loyal audience is incredibly valuable. It can become your MVP—most valuable product. 

Until next week,


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