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The Friday Concentrate #20: Changing the Lens on AI

Jonathan Gandolf

May 3, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #20: Changing the Lens on AI

You’re not tired of talking about AI yet, are you?! 

B2B Marketers have been talking a lot about the rise of AI. Myself included. To me, it’s been incredibly interesting that the lens we’ve always looked at AI through is how can it help me… 

Can it help me create content faster? Rank better in SEO? Write email copy more efficiently? Create better graphics? The list quite literally goes on and on…

We haven’t spent as much time discussing how our audience will use AI. 

What are consumers doing with AI? How is their behavior changing, and based on that, how should our marketing change? 

At The Juice, we have the good fortune of having access to how 70,000+ content consumers are behaving. We wanted to change the lens on how we apply AI. Instead of thinking about content creation, we wanted to put the power of AI in the hands of content consumers. 

In a world where content consumers can take any link, drop it into their favorite GPT and ask for a summary, does a 20-page eBook still make sense? Maybe. Maybe not. 

At The Juice, we’re doing our best to make this easier for content consumers and coach content creators on how to make sure they’re creating content that is worth summarizing. 

For content consumers, we’ve launched our Juice It! feature that allows them to receive the key insights, data points, and takeaways from any piece of content in less than a minute. We’ve already summarized 8,000 pieces of content! 

For content creators, there are a few things that can’t (yet) be replicated by AI and we continually see that content resonate on our platform: 

All three of these present an opportunity to zig when many brands are doing the AI zag. 

That’s our lens on AI at The Juice. How can we put AI in the hands of our audience, and how can we coach our customers on what to do to stand out from the AI noise. It’s a different lens but it’s our lens. 

Bring The Juice, 


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