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The Friday Concentrate #2: How to Make a Newsletter That’s More Than a Marketing Thing

Brett McGrath

December 7, 2023

The Friday Concentrate #2: How to Make a Newsletter That’s More Than a Marketing Thing

The Juice will be dropping The State of Gated vs. Ungated Content report next week. It will include REAL DATA from The Juice to help answer the question if gating content is really worth it or not. Anyone who is receiving The Friday Concentrate will have immediate access to the report. 🧃

Sales and Customer Success should give a shit about your brand’s newsletter.

But, marketing is likely not doing enough to make them feel something about it. 

There’s been 2 big changes that we’ve made with our newsletter at The Juice:

  1. We’re distributing the newsletter exclusively through The Juice and directly to our audience on The Juice 
  2. We're using The Friday Concentrate to communicate to not just marketers, but also sales, customer success, and other go-to-market functions that are responsible for winning and retaining customers 

First, we decided to transition the newsletter from HubSpot to The Juice because it will help us take a more human-centric approach to the way that we communicate to our most premium audience...that's you, members of The Juice. Also, we’re viewing this exercise as a way to learn where we can innovate our product to add brand new areas of value for our customers. 

Here are some stats from the first edition of The Friday Concentrate from last week: 

🧃It hit nearly 15k+ inboxes ands feeds on The Juice 

🧃It’s currently the 7th most engaged piece of content we’ve ever distributed on The Juice is a week’s time 

🧃We were able to identify 4 new account matches who we’ve never spoke with that fit our ICP who engaged with the content with Intent Signals 

🧃We featured 5 customers who can access what brands engaged with the content through Intent Signals

Newsletters have become a premium way that brands communicate, curate, and share new ideas with their audience. Traditionally, we’ve measured newsletter performance by things like opens and clicks. Traditional metrics are fine to monitor, but aren’t enough. When we report on our newsletter over channels like Slack we should be communicating things that sales and customer success actually care about. 

Things like: 

🧃The growth rate of our list 

🧃ICP fit brands who are engaging with the content 

🧃The frequency for which our customers engage with the content 

🧃Direct response rate or individuals who replied directly to the email 

Marketers who drop those kind of modern day metrics in their #GTM Slack channel should be met with a heavy dose of gifs of The Rock and other celebrities by cross-functional counterparts. It sounds silly, but we are working in a digital era where responses like gifs and emojis from our cross-functional teammates are the highest signals of internal excitement.

Remember those nurture tracks that our companies used to build to “warm up” old leads? They never worked because they always felt like they were pushed from a machine and not a human. We need to stop wasting our time pushing buttons on things our internal and external stakeholders don’t care about any more. 

Newsletters are the new nurture tracks. It’s how we consistently show our audience what we’re about, how we feel, and what content we're consuming. Also, newsletters can be how we begin to break down internal GTM silos….

You just need to make sure we’re reporting on the things that get our teammates to fire up Giphy. 🧃

Take care,
Brett McGrath 

VP of Marketing, The Juice 🧃

P.S. I share a lot of data from The Juice on LinkedIn, too. Feel free to connect with me.

The Power of Community 

Cancer sucks and when someone from our community needs support we take action. 

I saw Jay Acunzo’s post hit my feed and immediately responded letting him know we’d do our part by including it in this week’s edition The Friday Concentrate. 

This is an incredible group of marketers sharing their top frameworks. I’d highly recommend you sign up if you can. All of the proceeds will go towards supporting Devin Bramhall’s fight against cancer. 

🧃Show your support and register today: https://jayacunzo.com/devin

How to Get Over the Hurdle to Create Video Content with Julia Enthoven of Kapwing 

Video content is creating 10.4% more engagement than articles and that number is only going to continue to trend up on The Juice. Video is how brands are winning the hearts and minds of their audience. Also, video is how the most engaging Sales and Customer Success teams are engaging with their customers. But, how do we get started? 

Julia Enthoven, is the CEO and Co-founder of Kapwing which is a company focused on getting you started with video. We met after she commented on a LinkedIn post of mine and decided to ask her on the show to educate. If you’re looking to get started with video in 2024 you won’t want to miss this conversation

What’s Catching My Attention on The Juice

2024 Demand Generation Compensation Report produced by Goldcast 

This survey isn’t actually on The Juice, but my friend Lindsay McGuire asked if I could help spread the word about it. The goal of their report is to share compensation insights for B2B demand gen marketers and create transparency across companies. I can’t wait to see the deliverable that gets produced from this awesome data! 

🧃Respond: 2024 Demand Generation Compensation Report

How to establish your content mission (with Zoe Hawkins and Sara Stella Lattanzio) from Bynder 

It’s easy to feel like our teams are on a content hamster wheel. We’re just producing content for content's sake. It always makes sense to take a step back, analyze the work, and make sure it’s pointed back to something bigger. I loved this conversation on establishing your content’s mission from Bynder. This chat couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as we all take a moment to reset before the new year. 

🧃Watch: How to establish your content mission

Building a Realist’s B2B Content Marketing Strategy from Scribewise 

I recorded an episode with John Miller, President of Scribewise earlier this week on the problem with promising leads and what we can do to fix it. I love Scribewise’s modern day marketing philosophy and can’t wait to share it with you. Before the episode I was researching Scribewise on The Juice and came across this article. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to humanize their content strategy going into next year. 

🧃Read: Building a Realist’s B2B Content Marketing Strategy from Scribewise 

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