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The Friday Concentrate #19: My Favorite GTM Tactic? Talking to People

Jonathan Gandolf

April 26, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #19: My Favorite GTM Tactic? Talking to People

I bring to you an innovative, breakthrough, strategic go-to-market tactic. Follow this playbook to revolutionize your business… 

Talk to people. 

Seriously, I’m so sick of all the playbooks and tactics being pitched on LinkedIn by people who haven’t “revolutionized” anything (I hope my sarcasm font came through in that first paragraph above). 

I haven’t revolutionized anything, either. But I can tell you what is working at The Juice right now. It’s not technology, it’s not AI, it’s not operational efficiency. In fact, it’s inherently inefficient. 

It’s talking to people. 

For us, that takes on several forms: 


Last week, I was in New York City for two great events. It was such a breath of fresh air to talk to marketers. Hot takes are bountiful on LinkedIn. In-person, you get to understand what is actually working and what isn’t. The trip and conversations were physically exhausting but professionally energizing. 

This week, I’ve joined three customer conversations. From renewal conversations to direct feedback on product conversations to happy customers. Each conversation was very different but we learned something directly from each. 

Today, we’re launching the first episode of our refreshed podcast. I love talking to marketers (can you tell?!). But it’s so rare we get to slow down and enjoy these conversations. That’s the goal with our new podcast—The Content Cocktail Hour

The conversations will be authentic, helpful, and fun. 

All of this to say, my encouragement is to step away from the keyboard (ironic advice in a newsletter, I know), and start talking with each other. It’s working for us, I trust it will work for you. 

Bring The Juice, 


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