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The Friday Concentrate #15: Content as Philanthropy

Jonathan Gandolf

March 29, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #15: Content as Philanthropy

We lost our way as content marketers. Whether it was the adoption of the Inbound playbook and gated content, the rise of demand generation, marketing attribution, or something else, content simply became a vehicle for conversion. 

I was incredibly fortunate to spend time with someone who fell in love with content marketing from a different angle. I recorded an episode of our (soon-to-be-relaunched) podcast this week with David J Ebner of Content Workshop

He is an artist at his core—a creative writer. He and a group of other artists turned creative writing into freelance copywriting into content marketing and now operate as Content Workshop, a story-first agency. 

Remember stories… 

We have become so focused on conversion, we lost our story along the way. In our conversation about content’s impact and how to measure it, we both started talking (ranting) about how content’s whole purpose is to entertain, educate, or tell a story. 

That’s when he said it, “at its core, content marketing is philanthropy.” 

You can and should give away value with your content. On our platform, we see templates out-perform other content formats by a factor of 3x. People are engaging with branded content because they want to be grow their career or grow their business. How are you helping? Give away what you know. 

Here are a few ways we think about it at The Juice: 

Neither David nor I are arguing that you shouldn’t measure content. But don’t fall so in love with the measurement that you forget to be philanthropic. 

In fact, we’re both big fans of measurement. SEO rankings, attribution, views, downloads, and more. You should absolutely measure your impact (just like good philanthropic organizations do) but that’s not why you should do content. 

Be philanthropic. 


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