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The Friday Concentrate #14: Madness or Insanity?

Jonathan Gandolf

March 22, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #14: Madness or Insanity?

It’s my favorite time of year. 

We’ve survived winter (mostly), hints of spring are in the air, and … March Madness is here. 

There’s nothing better than day-long binges of college basketball. Go mad. 

Unfortunately, I’m also seeing a lot of madness in marketing motions—doing the same thing over-and-over again and expecting different results. 

In B2B Marketing, we’ve been running the same playbook for the last decade. Gated content, uninspired outbound motions, and the dreaded content syndication. 

This week, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by talking to several marketers looking to change things up…play by different rules in 2024, and write a new playbook. I’ve written about how The Juice is changing it up this year.  

The market has changed, and the buying motion has changed…why hasn’t our marketing playbook? Here are a few examples of conversations I’ve enjoyed this week. I’m hoping you can draw some inspiration yourself: 

At The Juice, we’re rethinking product offerings, campaigns, and really leaning into experimentation this year. All of the conversations above? They’re in preparation for a refreshed podcast coming soon. Be on the lookout for a few big announcements in April. 

Stop the madness. 


Winning Content From The Week:

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From: RevGenius

Join us for an upcoming session featuring three video creators-Ademola, Rayna, and Travis- who are making waves on Linkedin! This webinar is tailored for marketers, video creators, and teams who want to integrate videos into their LinkedIn strategy but lack the know-how, strategy and creative direction. No more boring content in B2B SaaS.

🧃 Prospecting in Sales: New Methods for an AI-Driven World


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