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The Friday Concentrate #13: Let's Get Weird

Jonathan Gandolf

March 15, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #13: Let's Get Weird

2024 feels like Lesley Knope gif.

You know, everything hurts and I’m dying. 

Welcome to 2024, marketers.

That seems to the be the market’s tone in 2024. Not at The Juice (of course) but all around us. It’s really hard right now. If anything, I think this should give all of us marketers the latitude to “get weird” in 2024. 

In a time when “nothing seems to be working,” … Why not think outside the box? Try new, weird, different things. What’s the worst that could happen? It keeps not working. 

The Juice team has committed to trying new, weird things in 2024. And it's working. So we're not slowing down.

In early April, we’ll be launching a feature we are really excited about. The feature isn’t weird but how we’re launching it is. 

First, let’s talk about the feature. Since our inception, we have heard from the members of our platform that they would like the TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) version of B2B content. Through a partnership with copy.ai, this will now be possible. 

For any blog post you engage with on The Juice, you’ll be able to access the full article or you’ll soon be able to “Juice It” and receive the key takeaways, summary, and insights in under one minute. 

Pretty freaking cool. 

And how we’re launching it is pretty freaking weird. 

But for now, all you get is a sneak peek: 

We’re getting weird. It might or might not work but we all know the B2B SaaS space could have a little more fun and be a little more weird. So we’re trying to bring The Juice. 

Until next week, 


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