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The Friday Concentrate #12: Is Your Brand A Nurse Tree?

Jonathan Gandolf

March 8, 2024

The Friday Concentrate #12: Is Your Brand A Nurse Tree?

I’m sitting back in Indianapolis after nine days in Arizona for a combination of two events. 

Between and during the events, I was fortunate enough to do some hiking and learn. Specifically, I was able to visit Saguaro National Park and learn about this incredible cactus. Fun facts: They live to be 150+ years old and often don’t grow their first “arm” until about 75 years old. 

None of this would be possible without the far less famous “nurse tree.”

According to the National Parks Association, “Nurse plants can be thought of as an umbrella protecting the young saguaros from drying out on hot summer days and from freezing on cold winter nights.”

You can see the small nurse trees next to the bases of the Saguaros here. 

Because I’m a marketer incapable of enjoying anything without finding the business parallel, my wheels immediately started turning. 

Later in the week, by a marketer we really admire, our brand was described as “world class.”

That’s the analogy. 

In the early days when you are growing your business, in the dry quarters when business is slow, in the challenging storms that every team faces, does your brand protect your business? 

Can you weather these challenges through a brand that can protect you from the inevitable ups and downs?

For The Juice, we have over-indexed on building a brand. That’s in part because we sell marketing to marketers but it’s also because that’s the one thing that we know we can control in the early days. Our brand—our nurse tree—gives us the protection to grow and stand strong. 

Its roots are intertwined with the rest of the business, sharing health and resources that empower everything we do. So there it is, a marketing mirage in the middle of the desert. 

Find your nurse tree. Stand tall, grow strong, even in the harshest environments. 


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