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Stop Googling. Start Juicing.

Jonathan Gandolf

September 9, 2021

Stop Googling. Start Juicing.

In the few short weeks our platform has been live, we’ve discovered the power of search for on-demand B2B Content. 

The current search experience is broken. Google doesn’t give you the best content. Rather, you receive links to Ads and people with the most sophisticated SEO programs. 

Alaina wrote about this in an awesome blog post prior to launching our platform: Every new platform is just another business taking a slice of Google Search

But as we’ve moved through VIP sessions, early access, and now a launched platform, we understand that Search is our “Aha Moment!” 

What’s an Aha Moment? I’m glad you asked. In fact, let’s show the power of exploring The Juice in real-time. 

Explore: Aha Moment

The results are high quality content from high quality brands: BombBomb, Intercom, Reprise, and HubSpot to name a few. 

Now, compare those results to your Google search results here. Ads, snippets, a lot of noise, Oprah (yes, really), and very little good content. 

Google is incredibly powerful. But for professionals searching for high quality content in their day-to-day, there’s now a better way. 

Stop Googling. Start Juicing. 

I thought I’d share some of my own “Aha Moments” that I’ve had while using The Juice to build The Juice. 

Four weeks ago, I started working on our pitch deck. Knowing I had a lot to learn, I was eager to read any content that could be deemed helpful. My first reaction was a quick google search for “Pitch Deck.” After scrolling past the ads, the snippets, the “People Also Ask” section, I clicked on my first organic result. 

Paid class to join. 

Slammed the back button in my browser.  

Second result? 

Paid template. 

Slammed the back button. 

Then, I had my moment. We had just launched The Juice. While Venture Capital isn’t core to our initial Sales and Marketing focus, I thought there might be some high quality content. 

Explore: Pitch Deck

High quality content from high quality brands. The example I love to share here is the Mailchimp piece, “A Guide to Creating a Pitch Deck.

MailChimp isn’t going to show up in the Google Search Results for Pitch Deck. At least, not on the first couple of pages (and who actually goes past the first page?!). 

And, I’m not going to visit MailChimp’s site organically when I’m looking for Pitch Deck guidance. They’re an email company, after all. 

So, for all intents and purposes, this high quality content is in purgatory: not being found via search, not something I would have sought out on my own, and likely not currently being promoted by MailChimp. 

But now, I have found the right content at the right time. And it’s a piece I continue to revisit. This is building brand affinity for MailChimp and helping guide our pitch deck creation process. When we need an email marketing platform, guess who I’m going to checkout first? MailChimp. 

The next example is around product benchmarks. As we began pitching, investors wanted to see product traction. We are fortunate to have a great tracking setup through Mixpanel and while we could measure everything, I wasn’t sure if the results would be considered “good.” 

Another Aha Moment! 

Explore: Retention

Knowing that we use Mixpanel, I was immediately drawn to their article. I learned a lot about retention and was able to reference their industry benchmarks. And, I was able to share with our potential investor that our retention rate is in the top quartile for B2B SaaS brands. 

I’ll leave you with one last Aha Moment! In our all-team product check-in last week, we were discussing the merits of and intent of our Welcome Email to new members. The conversation was fast and a lot of opinions were shared. 

Then, we all had a moment. 

Explore: Welcome Email

In a matter of minutes, we were slacking each other screenshots from high quality content produced by high quality brands. 

This is the magic of The Juice. It’s making us all better at our jobs and more efficient at achieving our goals. One aha moment at a time. 

What’s a professional challenge you’re currently facing? I’d encourage you to Explore The Juice for your own aha moment. 

Stop Googling. Start Juicing. 

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