Share Your Genius on The Juice

Jonathan Gandolf

February 8, 2024

Share Your Genius on The Juice

“Ask for money, get advice. Ask for advice, get money.”

That lesson was instilled in me during fundraising and the early days of The Juice. When talking to potential beta customers, the most successful conversations were when we asked for their input. When fundraising, the most successful conversations didn’t start with a pitch deck. 

This sage wisdom extends far beyond entrepreneurship and fundraising. 

When you’re selling a product, a story, or a brand, the best thing you can possibly do is teach. Sharing your knowledge and expertise is the best way to build an audience and lead a movement. 

This holds especially true in content marketing. Too often, we as marketers (myself included) grow infatuated with the latest trend. As “thought leaders,” it’s enticing to chase these topics and be sure the world knows where we stand. 

But your audience doesn’t care. In the B2B world, your audience simply wants to learn. They want to be better at the basics—they want to be better at their job.

We see this in our platform. Templates and toolkits outperform any other content format by over 3x. When you are teaching, you are sharing. When you are sharing, people want to spend more time with you and in the business world…work with you. 

Speaking of which, there’s a brand I’ve long admired that takes this to the extreme. In fact, … it’s the name of their business. 

Share Your Genius. 

Rachel Downey and the entire Share Your Genius team take teaching and sharing to the extreme. They share their expertise with their listeners, audience, and customers. And they help their customers share their genius via audio content. It’s in the ethos of the business, check out their mission statement: 

“Our mission is to create content that fosters human connection by helping you tap into your most powerful asset—your story.

And our story highlights our mission.”

Share your story. 

They’re helping us share our story with a (coming soon) evolution of our podcast, and we’re excited to help them share their story on The Juice

Whether you have a podcast, are considering a podcast, or just appreciate great storytelling, you should follow their brand. You’ll learn, you’ll grow, and you’ll be a little more genius because of it. 

Be sure to give them a follow. And be on the lookout for more sharing and collaborations in our future. 

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